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Style can make a man. When you feel good about yourself, it’s easier to go up a woman and ask for her number. The right style can help boost a person’s confidence, too. It’s all part of the total package, and Western Rise is a modern brand that is classy, affordable and practical.

Western Rise Clothing
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Western Rise clothing has something for everyone, from wool shirts to technical pants to performance hoodies – every style for every man.

Who is Western Rise?

Western Rise is meant for the modern man – the man who enjoys adventure. Fathers, innovators and adventurers alike can enjoy an elevated life. The company believes in simplicity and practicality, adding only the features that matter the most to your clothing.

The company has decided to donate 1% of their revenue to grassroot environmental nonprofits.

High-performance and materials only from the world’s best suppliers allow you to keep your clothes for longer. Timeless fashion is what Western Rise focuses on, and these are pieces that will fit well in your closet today and in 20 years.

Western Rise Pants

I’m a man, and I’m not picky with my clothing. I will wear anything as long as it looks good, but as I get older, I am more convinced that all clothes are not created equal. Clothes that fit better look better, and you don’t have to worry about clothes being too tight in the legs or hips.

Western Rise Evolution

Western Rise Evolution
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The Evolution pant is made of 96% nylon and 4% elastane, weighing a mere 13 ounces and true-to-size fit. For travelers, this is the ideal fabric that offers a jean styling with a performance fabric.

Evolution was launched with a Kickstarter campaign, and it’s a slim pant that offers a jean-like cut.

Utilizing the air-texturized process, the nylon fibers are softened to provide the comfortable feel that jeans don’t offer. The denim strength is mimicked with the help of a double weave, and there’s also a DWR coating that keeps the pants dry even during a downpour.

Practical men that like to spend their time outdoors, whether walking the streets of Italy or playing with the kids, will enjoy the DWR coating.

A hidden zipper pocket allows you to put documents or even your passport away for safe keeping.

There’s a double pocket on the right, too. And there’s also a place to hold your phone – the coin pocket has been increased in size. Evolution has become a major hit among travelers and photographers alike because of the comfort and functionality of these pants.


Western Rise AT Slim Rivet Pant

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The AT Slim Rivet Pant is a great option for hikers and travelers alike. Offering an outdoor/active pant, these pants look and feel like jeans, but they’re not made with the same old denim that Levis is known for worldwide.

The pants are made with 97% nylon and 3% elastane, which makes them very durable yet functional.

A nano-scale repellent repels water and keeps the pants dry even in a rainstorm. If they do become wet, they dry much faster than jeans or other pants we’ve tried. Nylon doesn’t sound like the most comfortable material, but it is actually quite comfortable. It may be the air-texturized process that the company boasts about.

Elastane provides a much-needed stretch that jean material doesn’t offer.

While the pants look like jeans, they are a tad more comfortable, which is nice for a durable pant. The pants are breathable, so they may be a good choice for travel pants. Breathability is very important for travelers that want to remain comfortable while they’re traveling – not sweating to death the entire time.

Even when climbing, hikers state that the Slim Rivet never got too hot or too cold.

Nylon is also a little more forgiving than, say, cotton, which needs to be washed often. You can go a wear or two before washing, and when traveling, this means more time seeing sights and less time washing your pants.

Offering three timeless colors, these pants will look and function just as well in ten years as they do today. You’ll find these pants available in light grey, sandstone and a “shadow” color, which is almost fully black.

One thing that’s a little odd with Western Rise is that the length of their pants seem to correlate to the waist size. This means that if you’re a size 38 waist but short, the length may be a tad off. The pants sit low on the waist, so you may want to wear a belt when wearing these pants.


Shirts and Tops

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While a lot of people focus on pants, the company also offers shirts and hoodies. The Limitless Merino Wool Shirt, for example, is an odor-resistant shirt that doesn’t wrinkle and can stretch in any direction to be able to meet the demands of the active man.

Offering a wool knit fabric, the button-down shirt elevates your activities and has the potential to replace three shirts in your bag. You can even wear this shirt when dressing up for a dinner.

Western Rise is the company that you can rely on for every occasion. You can wear their clothes for travel, work, outdoors – anything. The clothes can replace several of the tops or bottoms in your closet, and they also offer free shipping for orders over $150.

Returns are free, and you can also pre-order many of the company’s upcoming products.

If you want to support a company that focuses on a man’s comfort and functionality, Western Rise is your best option.

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