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What is a Volcano Vaporizer?

volcano vaporizer review

There are dozens of vaporizers on the market. Most are small and portable, which makes them great for casual users and terrible for therapeutic users like myself.

I needed a vaporizer that gave me more than just a few hits before dying out.

Enter the Volcano vaporizer.

The Volcano is what is known as a desktop vaporizer.  It’s bigger than most vaporizers you may be familiar with and has to be plugged into an electric outlet.   It has a pretty unique delivery system that is a major selling point for the system.

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volcano bags

Unlike other vapes, which use whips or wands, the Volcano uses the bag delivery method. Everyone has their own opinion on balloons, but I think they’re ideal for medical marijuana and are great for dosing.

Here’s why:

  • Once the bag is full, you can detach it from the machine and take it wherever you want in the house. You don’t have to walk around with a heavy or clunky vaporizer.
  • The vapor is cooler, so you don’t have to deal with coughing or irritation.
  • The ratio of air to vapor inside the balloon stays constant. A quick draw gives you the same density.

There are other desktop vapes out there that use balloons, but the Volcano is consistently ranked among the best by real-life users.

Digital vs. Classic

The Volcano is available in two versions: Digital and Classic.

Volcano Digital

volcano digital

The Digital version has – you guessed it – a digital temperature display. The bright display has temperature buttons on either side, so you can easily adjust to your preferred temperature.

This model also has an automatic shut-off feature, which is really convenient. If you forget to shut off the vape (we’ve all done it), it will automatically power down after 30 minutes of not being used.

The auto shut-off feature saves on energy costs, but it also helps preserve the life of the heating element.

This is the model we prefer but you cannot knock to original version either.


Volcano Classic

volcano classic

The Classic Volcano doesn’t have the digital display, nor does it have the auto shut-off feature.

But it does have a temperature dial, so you can still set the unit to your preferred temperature. One is the lowest setting, while nine is the highest setting. You won’t be able to set an exact temperature, though, so keep that in mind.

The Story Behind the Volcano

The Volcano is manufactured (by hand) by Storz and Bickel, a German company. The company has been in business since 2000, and they’ve grown to become a leader in the vaporizer industry.

In 2010, Storz and Bickel became the first company to receive an ISO manufacturing certification.

Markus Storz started developing vaporizers in 1996. In 1998, he filed a patent for the removable Valve Balloon of the Volcano. Two years later, he filed another patent for his invention of the heating block as a heat exchanger.

That same year, he founded the company Vapormed Inhalatoren and began selling the Volcano vaporizer.

Demand was high for his desktop vaporizer, so his company grew. Eventually, he restructured the company. As a result, Storz & Bickel BmbH & Co.KG was founded in December 2002.

Storz & Bickel is located in based in both Germany (Tuttlingen) and California (Oakland).

Full disclosure: I was diagnosed with PTSD a few years ago. Like so many other folks who share this condition, every day was a constant struggle. I felt overwhelmed and out of control. I checked out, emotionally, from my life.

Prescription meds were my first step to getting out of this black void I had fallen into. They worked for a while – until they didn’t. Stronger doses only made me feel numb, and I worried that I might snap out of the blue. I had heard too many horror stories of people losing it after being on meds for a long time.   I was no longer getting the gym regularly and literally felt like the color had been drained from my life.

I spoke with a close friend that had served 2 duties overseas.  He had dealt with PTSD and to my surprise he urged me to try medical marijuana. At first I was not sure that was the best route but after doing some research about CBD I took the jump. And for the first time in a long time I was present, calm, free of anxiety.

I was happy with the results, but I wasn’t happy with having to smoke. Then I learned about vaping and the Volcano vaporizer – the best desktop vaporizer out there. To be honest, it has been life changing and I have been much happier ever since. I’m going to explain why vaping is better than smoking and why the Volcano beats the competition.

Why Vape Instead of Smoke?

Why choose vaping over smoking? That’s the first question I asked myself before I caved in and bought the Volcano. And after I did some research, I found out that there many benefits to vaping over smoking.

In fact, a landmark study last year found that long-term vaping is “far safer” than smoking. This study involved 181 smokers and looked at the long-term effects of vaping in actual users.

Users provided saliva, breath and urine samples. And you know what? Researchers found that those using e-cigarettes had significantly lower levels of cancer-causing substances and toxic chemicals compared to those smoking cigarettes.

Why is Vaping Better Than Smoking?

What makes vaping better for your health than smoking? Two things:

  • No combustion
  • Fewer chemicals

When used properly, vaporizers vaporize the substance – there’s no combustion involved. When you smoke, whether it’s weed or cigarettes, the combustion produces a lot of carcinogens.

Cigarettes produce more than 20 carcinogens, including:

  • Lead
  • Hydrogen cyanide
  • Arsenic
  • Formaldehyde
  • Nitrosamines
  • Ammonia
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Benzene
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Many of these chemicals are associated with lung disease, heart disease, cancer and other serious medical conditions.

Vapor, on the other hand, contains far fewer chemicals.

Vaping is ideal for medical marijuana patients. There’s no smoke involved, and the body is exposed to far fewer carcinogens.

The Israeli Ministry of Health actually approved a vaporizer as a medical device for medical marijuana patients.

When I learned about the benefits of vaping over smoking, I knew I had to make the switch. I was already battling PTSD; the last thing I wanted was to get cancer, heart disease or some other lung disease.

But What About Potency?

If you’re a medical marijuana patient, potency is at the top of your concern list. And it’s easy to assume that vapor isn’t as potent as smoking a joint. But vapor actually has more cannabinoids than smoke, so you’re getting more of the “good stuff” and less of the junk.

Stretching Your Dollar – And Your Bud

Vaping weed is not like smoking it. There’s no combustion involved, so vaped weed is never burnt. It just darkens in color.

You can actually vape the same bud several times and still get similar effects each time. And when it reaches the end of its vaping life, you can use it for concentrates or edibles.

How to Use The Volcano Vaporizer System

How to Use a Volcano Vape

Part of what makes the Volcano vaporizer unique – and better for vaping – is its method of heating your material. The unit uses convection to vaporize your herb without burning it.

volcano for sale

It all starts with the vacuum system, which draws in fresh, filtered air. This fresh air is heated to just the right temperature to vaporize the material.

With the Volcano, you’re in control of the temperature setting.

The hot air then passes over your herb, and fills the balloon with the vapor. Once the balloon is full, it can be detached and used.

2 Valve Types: Easy and Solid

easy vs solid valve

When using Volcano balloons, you have two types of valves to choose from: Easy and Solid.


The solid valve is the permanent valve. Made of durable stainless steel, this valve offers customizable balloon sizes, a higher quality mouthpiece and a better chamber.

But there is some maintenance with this valve type. You’ll save money on balloons, but they will need to be cleaned.


The Easy valve system is exactly what it sounds like – easy. This is the maintenance-free design, and you’ll spend more each year on replacement balloons. On the bright side, there’s no cleaning involved.

There’s no right or wrong decision here. Just choose a valve type that fits your lifestyle and personal preference.

What is the Best Temperature for Weed?

What is the Best Temperature for Weed
This dude might know.

If you’re in control of the temperature with the Volcano, you may be wondering which temp is best for weed.

The Digital version of the Volcano makes it easier to see and change the temperature, so we’ll use that in this example.

The right temperature will depend on what you want.

  • High temperatures provide a higher concentration of cannabinoids that affect the body (CBD, CBC, CBN, etc.)
  • Lower temperatures provide a higher concentration of cannabinoids that affect the mind (THC).

Here’s an example:

  • Up to 356F: Provides the best flavor and is ideal for mental medication.
  • 356F-392F: Still provides great flavor, but you get more of the body effects at this higher temperature.
  • 392F and Up: Cancel the rest of your day. At this high temperature, the body effects are heavy.

For medical users, the temperature range is ideal so that you can fine tune your dosing.

The Volcano has a temperature range of 104-446F, so you can go as light or heavy as you want.

And changing the temperature is easy with the Digital model. Just press the “+” or “-” button next to the digital display.

Package Contents

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Here’s what’s in the box:

  • The Volcano vaporizer unit
  • 2 air filters
  • 4-piece Easy Valve balloon w/mouthpiece
  • 1-piece Easy Valve balloon w/adapter
  • 3 filling chamber clips
  • 1 filling chamber ring
  • 1 filling chamber for herbs
  • 1 liquid pad
  • 1 screen set
  • 1 herb mill
  • 1 cleaning brush

How Does the Volcano Stack Against the Competition?

I’ve talked a lot about what the Volcano can do, but how does it stack up against the competition?

Is the vapor better? Is it worth the cost?

Ask just about any user and they’ll tell you that the Volcano is the best vaporizer for the money in 2018.

The unit itself is built to last. I’ve heard stories of people leaving their Classic unit on for most of the day, every day and not having any issues with the heating element. People have been using the Classic for more than a decade – and they’re still using it.

Aside from durability and reliability, you also have the vapor quality factor. I personally prefer the balloon delivery because the vapor is cooler and I can easily share it with other people.

The unit uses convection heat to vaporize the herb, so you never have to worry about combustion – especially if you have the Digital version.

I’ve tried a lot of other vaporizers, and none of them can compare to the Volcano. If you’re using a vaporizer for medical purposes, it doesn’t get much better than this.

The only complaint? You can’t take it with you. But at the same time, that’s what makes this unit so great. The larger unit ensures that your herb is heated the right way, so you enjoy pure vapor – and more cannabinoids if that’s your herb of choice.

How Much is a Volcano Vaporizer?

volcano vaporizer for sale

All of this sounds great – but how much will it cost me?

That’s the question I had when I first read about the Volcano. And I’ll admit, I was taken aback by the price of this vaporizer. How much you’ll spend will depend on the model you choose.

  • The Classic: $479
  • The Digit: $599

There’s a bit of a price difference between the two, but the higher cost of the Digit is justified. Not only do you get precise temperature control, but you also get the automatic shut-off feature.

Coming from someone with PTSD who used to be on traditional medication, the Volcano winds up being cheaper in the long run. My meds were expensive and I had to pay every month. I’m not saying you should stop taking yours (please don’t), but if you use this as a supplement to your treatment, you may wind up not needing to take as much in the future.

Trust me, this is a serious investment and should not be taken lightly.  Invest in your health and mental well being.


How Buy A Volcano Vaporizer For The Cheapest Price Online?


Before we get to how to buy the Volcano for the best price, keep in mind when buying any vaporizer – but especially the Volcano – it’s important to buy from a trusted source. Normally, you can trust Amazon. But not you not find a legit Volcano vaporizer for sale on Amazon.

Many people make the mistake of buying from a non authorized site online (eBay, Amazon, Wal-Mart) and wind up with a Chinese knock-off that doesn’t last long or work properly.   Trust us, this is a real problem and something Storz & Bickel are taking seriously.

If you want the real deal, you have to buy from a trusted seller, like VapeWorld, VaporNation or NamasteVapes.

In fact, VapeWorld.com is offering an exclusive Volcano vaporizer coupon that will take 15% off the purchase price. You can get the Volcano Digit for $500ish or the Classic model for $400ish!  That is the lowest price we have ever seen on this system.  Don’t take a chance to save a few bucks and get yourself a fancy cheap Volcano vaporizer that turns out to be fake.

Order from VapeWorld.com and get free overnight shipping and a cool bag to protect your investment.

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