Does the Thompson Tee (Sweat Proof Undershirt) Really Work?

Do you sweat a lot?  I know I do.

When I wear shirts, depending on the time of the year, I can almost be certain that the shirt will be soaked in sweat. A friend of mine growing up referred to it/me as a “skunk ape“.  It’s gotten so bad that I always wear a tank top underneath my shirts so that I can reduce some of the sweat that makes it to my shirt.

It’s not fun, and it’s rather embarrassing to always have wet sweat marks on my clothes as a grown ass man.

When I finally decided I should do something about it and started learning about sweat proof undershits, I came across something called the Thompson Tee and it sounded made for me.  Does it live up to the hype?

What is the Thompson Tee?

best sweat proof undershirts for guys


If you sweat a lot, you’ll find that Thompson Tee is one of the most recommended brands in the world. A lot of people claim that they offer the best undershirts for sweat.

Does it work?

Yes. All of the company’s tees have been designed to help combat sweat.

But how does it work?

How Do Sweat Proof Undershirts Work?

how do sweat proof undershirts work

All tees come with a 30-day risk free trial, and if for some reason you don’t like the shirt or it doesn’t help combat sweat, you have 30 days to return it for your money back. Exchanges are also possible.

You can return it, opened and used, and the company will take it.

Why is Thompson Tee so confident that their apparel will work well for you? They have a patented technology that only they offer.

Introducing the Hydro-Shield


Hydro-shield is guaranteed to stop 100% of the sweat from reaching your clothes, so you can confidently go outside of the house without worrying that your shirt will be soaked in sweat in the process.


The patented design incorporates three main layers into their clothing.

  • Micro modal allows for odor-fighting and bacteria-eliminating power thanks to the infusion of silver into the layer.
  • Waterproof fabric is incorporated in another layer, and the fabric is durable to be able to withstand years of use.
  • Outer layer material is luxurious and is what makes your clothes look good.

Micro modal is also soft and absorbent, so you’ll be comfortable while your clothing silently absorbs all of your sweat.

Hydro-shield is woven into the very fabric of each tee, and this intelligent woven design offered unrivaled comfort and world-class functionality.

The Micro Modal fabric also offers:

  • 50% more absorbent power than regular cottons
  • 2 times softer feel than cotton
  • 5% spandex to allow for a better fit and more comfort

Cotton, bamboo and linen are all nice fabrics that are comfortable to wear, but they all “love” water. These fibers don’t do anything to repel water like synthetic water-repelling fibers do.

Thompson Tees are designed to repel the sweat – not absorb it – keeping you confident throughout the day.

You don’t have to worry about embarrassing sweat marks on your shirt or having that “sweat” smell.

You’ll be able to remain confident all day long, knowing that your shirt’s fabric naturally repels sweat and will not let the world know that you’ve been sweating all day long.

When it comes to self-esteem, the Thompson Tee will restore your confidence.

But don’t take my word for it. There are ample reviews that prove just how well these shirts work.

The Proof is in the Reviews

Thompson Tee Reviews
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You have the option of trying a Thompson Tee and returning it if it doesn’t work. But if you’re like most consumers, you want to conduct your own research to find out if these shirts work well or not.

What are people saying?

A quick look on Amazon has yielded the following comments:

  • A lifesaver for my teen who suddenly started sweating a lot last year.
  • This undershirt is a miracle. My husband sweats profusely, and it works.
  • Fits a little tight, but it works very well.

I paid close attention to the negative reviews, too.

What I found was that users were complaining about the following:

  • Price. The Thompson Tee is definitely not your cheaper tee, but that’s because it’s specially designed to stop sweat in its tracks. It‘s not a normal tee.
  • Size. Some users claim that the sizing is off, and this may be because the tee hugs the body closer than most other tees. If you’re worried about the shirt being too tight, you can always order a size larger and exchange the shirt as needed.
  • Fake Product.  Make sure you buy the shirt directly from Thompson Tee.  They have their own store on so double check you are not using a 3rd party vendor as fake’s are everywhere online.

But don’t think that the Thompson Tee will “cure” you’re sweating. Some people naturally sweat more, and there’s nothing that a basic tee can do for that amount of sweating. What this shirt will do is stop you from having sweat penetrate your clothes.

Some users have stated that they can still feel the sweat dripping down their back, but their shirt stays completely dry.

It helps curb the sweat and wet spots on your top shirt.

Thanks to the silver woven into the fabric, Thompson Tee is also able to fight back against odors, so you can confidently walk out of the door and enjoy your day – odor and sweat free.

It’s a confidence booster.

Thompson Tees are high-end, aesthetically-pleasing tees that have been designed to help repel sweat. Despite the higher cost, these tees will keep you “dry” and put an end to those embarrassing sweat marks that you experience.

If you’re a person that sweats, often uncontrollably, you’ll want to give the Thompson Tee a try.

The company manufactures the best undershirts for sweat, so you can go on a date, interview or just leave the house and go out to dinner without being afraid that you’ll be soaked in sweat.