Can Sex Pillows (Liberator Wedge) Improve Your Performance?

Trying to spice things up in the bedroom?

The sex furniture trend is rising in popularity, as more people want to experiment with new, exciting positions.  A quick way to upgrade your performance is by using a sex pillow.  We tried out the Liberator wedges and found that they work very well to help you get into fun, new positions.  Positions that you have most likey never experienced before because they can be very difficult to get into without some help.

If you’re thinking “won’t my normal pillow do the same thing?” it won’t.

You see, your normal pillow is not designed to hold all of your body weight. You can use a normal pillow for some positions, but it’s not firm or durable enough to withstand all of your weight.

Sex pillows offer high-density foam construction that contours to the body, but doesn’t lose its shape.

Imagine these being large memory foam pillows that will leave an impression while your partner lays on them, but the pillow itself does not lose its shape. Whether on your back, stomach or side, the pillow allows you to enter positions that allow for sex to be more pleasureful and often provides deeper penetration.

The only potential drawback we found is that storage can be awkward.  So you’ll need to make sure you have a space for your Liberator wedges before purchasing them.


How Can Sex Furniture Boost Your Performance?

Liberator Sex Pillows For Sale

Spicing up the bedroom is never a bad idea, and whether you want to try something different or you’re laboring an injury, a sex pillow can make all the difference.

A mistake I see a lot of people making is that they believe sex pillows are for old people.  That’s 100% wrong.

Young or old, having some help with positioning can make sex far more pleasurable. I’m in a relationship with a girl that’s almost a foot shorter than me. Some positions are difficult to get into, and staying in a partial squat is hard, too.

Wedges or pillows can lift her up whether we’re on the bed or she’s just on the bed and I’m standing.

There’s no need for me to stay in an uncomfortable, awkward position due to height differences. A person with an injury, even a back or shoulder injury, will be better able to stay in position with one of these pillows.

You’ll notice a major difference using sex furniture if you’re:

  • Suffering from any issues, such as knee, back, neck or hip pain
  • Significantly taller or shorter than your partner
  • Older and trying to find a position that is more sustainable for your level of stamina
  • Wanting to add a little spark into your sex life by trying new positions

A lot of people who suffer from pain or discomfort from intercourse are able to use a sex pillow for long sessions without having any pain at all.

Sex pillows can help you with:

  • Oral sex that’s prolonged and doesn’t come with neck pain
  • Positions that are too difficult to enter but on your bucket list
  • Penetrating your partner for better, more satisfying sex
  • Hitting the G-spot to produce a much more intense orgasm

Sex is difficult. Well, getting into the positions that you see on television or in porn is very difficult. The truth is that you’re not a professional, and getting into these positions takes a lot of time and practice for most people.

Introduce liberator wedges, and you’ll be well on your way to having the best intercourse of your life. It’s fun, it’s exciting and there’s no reason to feel like a sex pillow is not for you – it is. Trust me.

What Liberator Pillow is Highest Rated?

Liberator Wedge

Liberator Wedge

The Liberator Wedge is cheaper than the combo we’ll mention next, and the unit comes in six colors, although the microfiber black is the most common choice. This 24” wedge is the ideal option for anyone who wants to get into intimate sex positions.

The wedge is angled at 27-degrees, so it’s the perfect angle for anyone who wants deeper penetration or to be able to stimulate their partner’s G-spot.

A microfiber cover stays over the foam pillow to allow for easy washing. You’ll be able to slip the cover on and off with ease. The cover is plush, so it’s soft enough for longer sex sessions without “rubbing.”

Whether your partner is petite or plus-size, the pillow is wide and tall enough to meet your needs.

If you’re considering this model or the Liberator Jaz, this wedge is wider and taller than the Jaz. You’ll also find that this wedge is square rather than round like the Jaz.


The Liberator Wedge / Ramp Pillow

Liberator Wedge / Ramp

The Liberator Wedge and ramp is a combo pillow that comes in a black microfiber color and offers a 24-inch wedge. The slanted position of the pillow works as the perfect place to “prop” someone up to reach all parts with greater ease.

High-density foam supports the body and prevents sinking, which can make certain positions much more difficult to enter.

The microfiber cover is removable and washable, so you can confidently wash it if you get any bodily fluid on your wedge or pillow.

The ramp height on the ramp is:

  • 10” for short
  • 12” for regular
  • 14” for tall

When purchasing this combo, it’s better to go shorter than longer with your wedge or pillow combo.


Liberator Jaz

Liberator Jaz

Sex isn’t planned, or it shouldn’t be. You never know when the moment will arise, but one thing is for sure: you can’t transport your wedge with ease. You will find that most pillows and wedges are meant to be kept in your home.

They’re not necessarily discreet either.

The Jaz, on the other hand, is very discreet, and it’s the version of the Liberator that is small and portable. If you want to be able to store away a sex pillow or place one under your bed so that guests or kids won’t see it, the Jaz is the right option.

And the cover comes right off so that you can wash the Jaz with ease.

There are eight unique color options, and the Jaz, while small in size, does provide a 6” boost in positioning. Instead of microfiber (which most pillows offer), this model uses a micro suede cover that is moisture-proof.

The interior liner will also protect the interior foam from any bodily fluids.

Small, compact and light, the Jaz is what you’ll want when going on vacation or going over to your partner’s house.

Liberator Esse

Esse Wedge

If you don’t care about storage space and you want the absolute best sex pillow that is worthy of taking center stage in an adult film, the Liberator Esse is the choice for you. This is considered a “lounge chair,” and it comes in six unique color options.

The foam is high-density and firm, and there’s a lush cover which has a moisture-proof interior lining.

The Esse is large, with dimensions of 64” x 24” x 23” and weighing 38 pounds. You’ll also find that a headrest is included which adds to the fun of the Esse.

You can even move the curves and pillows for different angles. One complaint is that the Esse is expensive, but if you want the absolute best sex pillow, it’s going to cost more money. This model is more like a real piece of furniture than a small pillow or wedge.

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