Bathmate Hydropump Review

bathmate penis pump

Stop kidding yourself: you could do better in bed. It stings. It hurts your ego. It’s hard to swallow (no pun intended) … It’s too small. Every man – except those hung like a horse – have wondered if they could satisfy their partner more. And if she tells you “honey, you’re the perfect size … Read more

Does Male Extra Work?


  Male enhancement doesn’t need to come with severe side effects. We’ve all heard the stories we would rather forget: a botched surgery leaves some poor guy limp for the rest of his life. There are also horror stories of bloating, nausea, stomach aches, vomiting and countless other side effects from taking enhancement pills. But … Read more

Quick Extender Pro Results

quick extender pro package

2017 Update: The Quick Extender is decent option when compared to traditional penis pumps devices but there are better options available now.   It is certainly not the best  extender style device on the market- in fact we recommend users go with the Phallosan instead.  Do you have a small penis? Do you wish your … Read more

Male Edge Extender Review

what is male edge

  Natural penis enlargement is exactly what smaller men need to consider. Forget about the pills that don’t work, and surgery is far too risky to consider. No one wants to suffer from the next botched penile enlargement surgery – it’s an end to your sex life. Male Edge has the potential to change all … Read more

Jes Extender Results & Review

jes extender review

Unless you’re in the very small percentage of men that are hung like a horse, you’ve probably wondered how or if you could make your member just a little bigger. We’re not talking about 5-inch grow or anything crazy like that – just 1 – 2 inches bigger is more than enough. As you know, … Read more