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2017 Update: The Quick Extender is decent option when compared to traditional penis pumps devices but there are better options available now.  

It is certainly not the best  extender style device on the market- in fact we recommend users go with the Phallosan instead. 

Do you have a small penis? Do you wish your penis was bigger? Do you want to please her even more?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone.

does quick extender pro work

Men all across the world are feeling pressure by the size of their penis – and it’s never because they’re too big. Your penis is a thing of pride, and if you’re afraid it’s too small, you’ll always sit there wondering if you really please her, or him, at the end of the night.

It’s not a worry that you should have.

And there is an answer to increasing the size of your penis: penile extenders.

No, this isn’t a pill or some magic serum. This is science.


Does Quick Extender Pro Work?

Well it does work some what but in this case this is like comparing a Toyota to a Lexus… ie.. there are better options available.

quick extender pro reviews


Quick Extender is decent when compared to traditional penis pumps devices.   But it is certainly not the best  extender style device on the market- in fact we recommend users go with SizeGenetics instead. 

Users can gain an extra inch in one month.

[alert-announce]This is the no-BS way to increase the size of your penis.[/alert-announce]

And the way it works is simple: the science of penis traction.

If you’re imagining putting some sort of cast on your penis and being stuck in that position, you’re completely off. This is a system, and the traction is a gentle stretch of the penis (it doesn’t hurt, trust me), and when held in this position, it allows for:

  • Cellular growth
  • Increased length
  • Increased girth

All of this is natural. You won’t have to worry about nasty side effects or something going majorly wrong with your penis.

Diving deeper into the technology behind the best extender, you’ll wear the device and small microscopic tears will occur in the penis. These are tears you don’t feel. See, the goal of these tears is to cause the body to regrow through cell production.

Think of how the muscles heal when you exercise. You’re breaking down muscle fibers that grow when they heal.

This is the same thing with penis traction.

quick extender pro guarantee

Painless and non-restricting, these tears don’t cause pain, discomfort or interfere with the normal function of the penis.

These small tears will cause tiny gaps in the penile tissue. These gaps will cause the body to start to heal the gap naturally. This is done through two processes:

  • Mitosis: This is the process in which cells start to divide. The backbone of cell division, this will cause one cell to divide in two, and so on. This division will occur in the penis in an attempt to fill these small gaps. And since the cells are what make up the penis tissue, it will slowly start to get bigger in size.
  • Cytokinesis: This occurs alongside mitosis and is the division of cytoplasm in the original cell that helps it divide into additional cells.

You’re going to be tricking your body to restart the growth process. It’s a process that has been scientifically studied time and time again, and it works extremely well.

The company really puts their money where their mouth is, too.

You can order the Quick Extender Pro today and receive a 1-year money back guarantee.

This offer isn’t going to last forever, but you know what will? The lifetime warranty. If this state-of-the-art device breaks, you’ll get a replacement quickly and easily.

You literally have nothing to lose with the ironclad money back guarantee.


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Our Secret Quick Extender Pro Instructions

Quick Extender Pro InstructionsIf you read a lot of Quick Extender Pro reviews, you’ll find that everyone says you need to know how to “use it right.” This isn’t rocket science, but a lot of people get confused when they go to use this device for the first time.

And this confusion causes results to come a lot slower than desired.

I’m going to tell you how to use this device so that you can:

  • See results after a week
  • Get harder erections
  • Increase libido
  • See visual results in as little as 2 weeks
  • Up to an inch in length in one month

I want to be honest, most users experience a 1/2 to 1-inch gain in two months – it’s not a race. But for me, this was a fast increase in the size of my penis that picked up dramatically when I switched to a different extender (details below).

Keep in mind that the average penis length is somewhere near 5.5 inches, so after two months, adding 20% additional growth to your penis is a huge deal.

When you start to use this extender, keep the following instructions in mind:

  1. Read the user manual – it comes with two programs
  2. Open up the penis extended
  3. Place your penis in the extender
  4. Adjust the length of the extender to allow for a nice stretch

Safe and affordable, this device offers a double strap support system (DSS), which provides maximum tension yet makes it comfortable to wear for hours a day.

You’ll need to wear this device for a few hours per day, so keep this in mind when choosing one of the programs in the manual. I recommend starting slow to get your penis used to the stretch before deciding to wear it all day long.

Small and compact, the extender will fit right under your clothes, so you can wear it anywhere without anyone noticing. I suggest wearing it at the end of the day while you’re cooking dinner and watching television. Some people wear it to the gym, too, but it never felt comfortable for me, especially when squatting.

Or if you have time in the morning, put it on while in the shower and wear it for a few hours before going to work.

The truth is that you need to find when it’s the right time for you to wear this extender. And what’s comfortable for you may not be comfortable for me, so you need to find the right time and usage for you.

But if you want to see your true potential, you need to be in it for the long-term.

This doesn’t mean the long-term is just one or two weeks. You need to think of the long-term as being 4- 6 months and even beyond.

Quick Extender Pro Before and After Results

Before and after results show you just how obtainable it is to have a bigger penis. It is possible, and you don’t need to go into some scary surgery and worry that you’ll limp out of the surgery with a penis that can’t get erect.

This is an all-natural approach to penis growth.

My results were pretty steady, although it was not what I expected after the first 6 weeks and I educated myself about other stretcher devices and ordered SizeGenetics.  I logged the whole thing to prove to myself that this extender actually works but again the results were not as strong as other extenders and the difference in tension and comfort versus SizeGenetics was night and day.

  • Month 1: Slow, steady and a bit uncomfortable at first, month one provided me with a minor 1/4” gain in penis size. A lot of people see a 1/2” gain, but I wasn’t one of the lucky ones.
  • Month 2: I noticed a “meatier” rod this month with some girth gains, and I ended the month a 1/2” bigger than the month prior. In total, I was about 3/4” bigger at this point.
  • Month 3 6: Over the next three months, I switched back to the SizeGenetics extender was gaining 1/4” – 1/2” per month, and I ended this three-month period with another full inch gain.

[alert-note]In total, the gains I saw were just under 2” in size – a freaking huge gain.[/alert-note]

When comparing the Quick Extender Pro vs Sizegenetics, all I can say is that the Quick Extender seemed like a knock off.  I didn’t stick with it after I tried Sizegenetics because it wasn’t as comfortable, and the tension drop was noticeable.   So I just stuck with the SG extender for my gains.


It’s not just me that saw some gains either. A quick look at testimonials will verify all of these claims:

  • Derrick – I’ve been using the Quick Extender for two months, and I’ve went from 6.2” to 6.7”.
  • Brad – I’ve been wearing this device for 60 days, and with just two hours a day, I’ve gained half an inch.
  • William – It’s been around 5 weeks, and I gained 0.8” in length already.


These are some real gains, and with an ironclad guarantee, you have nothing to lose. You can just live with a smaller penis, but it doesn’t have to be this way as you can tell from my journey you have options available.

2017 Update: The Quick Extender is decent when compared to traditional penis pumps devices.   But it is certainly not the best  extender style device on the market- in fact we recommend users go with SizeGenetics instead.