Does ProSolution Gel Work?

ProSolution gel sounds really good – right? A gel that can rid you of all those sexual performance problems you’d rather bury in the back of your mind and forget. No one wants to admit it, but there will be a time when all men have problem with erection, control and stamina.

If there’s one thing that can stop any tiger in the bedroom, it’s age.

How to Use ProSolution Gel

But some men also have problems even when they’re younger. It’s no fault of their own either. Health issues or even mental issues can cause a man to have a difficult time “getting it up.” ProSolution gel aims to help rid you of these problems.

We’re going to take a look at how male enhancement creams work, and if ProSolution is the best penis cream to boost your vigor in bed – or if it’s like other creams that never live up to their promises.

How to Use ProSolution Gel

Does ProSolution Gel Work?

ProSolution is a cream, or gel really, that is so easy to use, which is part of its allure for men.

This isn’t one of those cheap creams that are sticky and make a huge mess either. This is a big upgrade over those flavored creams that taste good, but really don’t work.

There’s only a three-step process to using this gel:

  • Step 1: Apply the gel to your penis (on the shaft).
  • Step 2: Massage the gel (let her do it for a better experience).
  • Step 3: The effects will kick in, causing you to take control in the bedroom.

It’s that simple! The secret is in the ingredients, and this something we’ll be focusing on shortly. Since there’s no delay, you’ll simply apply the cream right before sex, and the benefits will last the entire time.

The company’s topical delivery system has a lot to do with these results.

A natural formula will be able to penetrate the skin faster and more efficiently thanks to the permeation enhancers. These enhancers allow the gel to bypass the digestive system to provide almost immediate results.

It’s simple, yet effective.

What Is In ProSolution Gel That Makes It The Best Erection Cream?


It’s the ingredients in penis enlargement cream that make them work. Period. And if the ingredients don’t have any scientific backing, or worse, they aren’t listed at all, you’ll want to think twice about the product you’re buying.

Any product worth the money will not try to conceal the ingredients included in their product.

So which ingredients are key in ProSolution gel?

  • Algae Extract: Algae has been shown to provide a better penetration of the gel into the skin to deliver fast results. The extract further allows the gel to have an easier time being applied.
  • Aloe Vera: The aloe vera plant is known for being very effective as an anti-aging cream, and it can soothe all sorts of skin disorders. This ingredient also helps the gel penetrate the skin easier and acts as a carrier.
  • Bearberry Extract: An herb that is known as an astringent. Bearberry has been used to help combat urinary tract infections for centuries, and its main goal is to increase the movement of fluid in the body. This movement allows you to achieve a harder erection thanks to the easier blood flow, and it provides a much stronger orgasm, too.
  • LArginine: A potent amino acid that is responsible for increasing nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide allows for greater blood flow to the penis and dilates the blood vessels, too. The result? This ingredient allows for better blood flow to increase your erection, so you’re rock hard come time to perform.
  • Mango Butter: Mango is known as an aphrodisiac, and in butter form, also adds to the lubrication of the gel. Essentially, the mango allows the gel to be applied with greater ease. Mango butter has been used for centuries as a male enhancer (performance), too.
  • Menthol: A warming agent. Menthol will warn the genitals and boost stamina in the bedroom as a result. This sensation allows you to go long enough to please her – and you.
  • Vitamin C: The vitamin that is abundant in citrus fruits, Vitamin C has been shown to boost a man’s sex drive, reduce recovery time after sex, and it also adds to the firmness of an erection. Top this off with a boost in stamina, and you’ll be ready for a long night between the sheets.

Only the highest quality ingredients are found within the gel to help give you an instant erection boost.

[highlight ]There’s one last thing I forgot to tell you about: the money-back guarantee.[/highlight]


See, the company knows that their product works well, and like they say: “they put their money where their mouth is.” If the product doesn’t work for you, there is a 67-day money back guarantee.

This is not like the other products that won’t accept used products.

You can return the two empty containers within 67 days (7 days to account for shipping time), and you’ll get your money back.

The guarantee is  a nice safeguard for anyone who doesn’t want to throw their money away.

Instantly, You’ll Notice the Following Results

increase performance

The only thing that truly matters when using ProSolution gel is the results, right?

We’ve seen all of the ingredients included, and you know what they all do separately. But when everything is combined, they work to:

  • Produce a harder erection
  • Enhance your stamina
  • Allow you to last longer in bed

And this does something else: boosts your self-confidence and image.

Men, and don’t be afraid to admit it, lose self-esteem each time they can’t perform. It happens to every man – we’re supposed to be the “strong” ones. We are strong, but when we can’t perform in the bedroom, it’s a major hit to our self-esteem.

Doctor G. Alexander found that his patients had their confidence and self-esteem boosted thanks to ProSolution gel – it works.

Where to Buy ProSolution Gel


The only place we recommend getting this gel from is the company’s official website. If you choose to go on eBay or some other discount retailer, you’ll find that a lot of companies are selling knock-offs of ProSolution.

There is also another bonus for ordering from the official website: bonuses.

Also known as the Pro Solution pills bonus offer, this promotion includes several free gifts:

  • Website access, which shows you how to enhance the size of your penis by 1.5 – 2+ inches.
  • Volume pills, which is a pill that has been shown to produce 500% more semen when ejaculating.
  • ProSolution pills, which is a pill that has been able to boost the sexual potency of men.

The company also offers a $25 gift card as well as free shipping, which ensures fast delivery service of your gel and added bonuses.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click here to go to the ProSolution Gel official website right now.