Propidren by Hairgenics 

DHT is the main culprit behind most men’s – and women’s – thinning hair.  Many researchers feel DHT is responsible for close to 90% of male pattern baldness and hair loss in the world.

And with over 50% of men suffering some form of hair loss by the time they’re 40, it’s no wonder men want to limit the production of DHT and prevent hair loss.

Propidren works to block the DHT production so that you can enjoy a head full of hair.  It may be the natural propecia supplement that can help you keep your hair and minimize your risk of side effects.

What is Propidren?

natural dht blocker

Propidren is a natural DHT blocker that aims to help you fight off hair loss.

The company aims to offer a complete DHT-fighting solution that is well-priced and works. The formula does two main things to jumpstart your hair regrowth:

  1. Blocks DHT production
  2. Provides vitamin support for regrowth

Through both of these methods, you’re able to adjust for all of the deficiencies that are causing your hair to thin. A full spectrum solution, Propidren nourishes the scalp and hair so that follicles remain stronger, thicker and healthier.

When follicles are strong, you’ll naturally lose less hair.

Once you have DHT blocked on the scalp, the regrowth process will happen, allowing you to have noticeably thicker, healthier hair.

But Propidren, or any other hair growth formula that works, is not an overnight solution for hair growth. You need to continue using this product for weeks, months even, to really start regrowing your hair.

The best part?

There’s a 30-day guarantee.

If you don’t notice a difference in your hair regrowth, return the product for your money back.

It’s that simple.

You also have the option of choosing pills or a topical solution to regrow your hair. When you read more on the key ingredients in Propidren, you’ll have a better understanding of how this product is able to help men, just like you, regrow their hair.

Propidren Ingredients

Propidren ingredients

Propidren’s ingredients are natural, so they offer you a natural way to regrow hair without the risk of severe side effects.

If you have read about other forms of blocking DHT (I won’t name names), there is one prescription option that works very well.

But the side effects include permanent ED.

You may lose your ability to perform in the bedroom with that one medication.

Propidren does not have these severe side effects, and that’s because the ingredients are natural. Each application or pill contains the following:

  • Iron
  • Biotin
  • Zinc
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Beta-Sitosterol
  • Horsetail Extract
  • Nettle Extract
  • Fo-Ti
  • Pygeum Bark Powder
  • Green Tea Extract

You can research each of these ingredients, and you’ll find that they’re very safe to take and offer a variety of health benefits.

The ingredients work synergistically to help you regrow your hair and block the production of DHT.

There are a lot of great ingredients in Propidren, and the key most important ones for hair regrowth and to stop hair loss are:

  • Saw Palmetto. A key ingredient that is a powerful DHT blocker. This ingredient stops DHT production. When DHT is high, this means that 5-alpha-reductase is able to convert the body’s testosterone into DHT. Saw palmetto is one of the natural ingredients that has been clinically proven to promote hair growth and stop hair loss.
  • Biotin. Weak, brittle hair is going to fall out and thin out your hair faster. Biotin will strengthen this hair so that you have less hair loss every time you shower. Biotin will cause the production of keratin, which protects these weak hair follicles.

Nettle extract, green tea extract, pygeum bark powder, horsetail and fo-ti are all shown to help regenerate hair follicles that are “failing.” These are the follicles that are at the highest risk of falling out.

Propidren comes in a pill or topical option, and a lot of people will use both to propel their hair regrowth. You can also use a combination of shampoos or conditioners that promote hair regrowth and the blocking of DHT.

Continual use is truly key when trying to stop hair loss.

You need to use Propidren, ideally, for three months before noticing a substantial difference in your hair’s thickness and hair loss.

If you’re worried about taking pills (I hate trying to choke down giant capsules), you’ll be happy to know that Propidren pills are small. If you’ve taken any small, Vitamin C capsules in the past, these pills are very similar in size.

A lot of people will have comments, from their hair dressers, that they notice that their hair is thicker after a month or so.

I have mentioned a lot about men, but women also benefit from this product.


Social Proof for Days

A lot of products that I come across do not have much in the way of social proof. You’ll find a lot of hair products with a handful of reviews and that’s it. What really enticed me to review Propidren is that this product has thousands of reviews.

You’ll find over 4,700 reviews for Propidren on Amazon alone.


And there are even more reviews for the topical version.

People are seeing results with this product. Around 5% of people do not notice a difference, but there are varying reasons for hair loss. There’s a good chance that these 5% of people are not losing their hair due to DHT production.

If you don’t notice a difference, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The remaining 95% of people will notice less hair loss and a lot of regrowth. The key is remaining consistent with the product long enough to see results. If you’re the type of person that expects results in a week, this product is not for you.

Everyone else that is experiencing hair loss will find that Propidren is a great option for hair strengthening, regrowth and for stopping hair loss.