Phalogenics Review

Phalogenics results speak for themselves. Men around the world have been able to increase the size of their penises. It’s not some hyped up product like many of the other ‘how to’ programs. I can guarantee you that the Phalogenics system is much different than any other natural penis enlargement system that you have ever researched in terms of legit exercises with clear, detailed instructions.

The most obvious difference is that it’s an online community. You’ll be part of an exclusive group of men that want to gain penis size and girth.

It’s all about natural male enhancement and increasing your penis size, and you’ll be blown away by the results that people just like you are experiencing.

You, too, can have a bigger, thicker penis.

What is Phalogenics?


Phalogenics is a community – this we’ve established.

But what does this community offer?

I want to start off by telling you that this is not a:

  • Magic pill
  • Quick-fix
  • Medicine
  • Drug
  • Lotion

You don’t have to try a wonky product in hopes that a miracle will happen overnight when you join Phalogenics. What this community offers is a NO BS approach to adding inches to your penis.

You’ll be using:

  • Scientifically proven techniques
  • Practices that community members recommend

Hundreds of peer reviews back this product, and there are zero side effects. Clinical trials have proven that this system really does work.

What I like about this community is that it’s a hub for people trying to enhance their penis size. You’ll find that if you’re a research-intensive person, this community will satisfy all of your needs. There’s no need to worry about techniques that have only been tried once.

All of the techniques and information offer:

  • Guaranteed safe guides on techniques and practices
  • Conclusive evidence that the practices and techniques work
  • Medically-tested techniques

Like I said: it’s the no BS way to get results.

You cut all of the crap and only do what’s proven to work. You get to hold on to your cold hard cash.

And when you follow the community and system, you have the ability to increase your size by 2 – 4 inches.


You need to follow the system, and if you give it time, you will start to notice positive results. If you’re the type of person that expects to add inches overnight, this certainly isn’t the program for you.

Let me let you in on a little secret: results always take time.

If you want to enjoy a bigger penis, you need to put the effort in. Time is the factor that stops most people from achieving the bigger size that they want. If you’re not willing to be in it for the long-term, you’re going to be unsatisfied with your results.

But what happens if you give Phalogenics a try and still don’t see results?

There’s a 60-day money back guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with the results, ask for your money back in 60 days and walk away with your initial investment.

What is Phalogenic Traction?

I’m going to touch on this topic a little more later, but what the creators of the program came across is something that they call “Phalogenic Traction”. What the community claims is that they found out about this traction method after scouring dozens of research articles on penile traction.

What they found was a secret deep inside the British Journal of Sexual Medicine and a few other publications.

british association of urlogists
Read the study here.

This traction method has been shown to help men increase their penis size by 2 – 3.6 inches.

You’re also not just getting girth and length gains. Nope. You’re turning your penis into a sex machine.

What happens with this traction method is:

  • You’ll gain the stamina to be able to go for much longer.
  • You’ll be able to achieve a completely stiff, hard penis.
  • You’ll be able to have a penis that is longer and thicker.

All of this occurs through the exercises we’re going to talk about in a little bit.

I also wanted to tell you that when you join the Phalogenics system, you’ll have:

  • Videos that explain techniques with you and show you how everything works.
  • PDFs that contain all of the information you need to start on your journey of a bigger penis.

All of this is available at your fingertips, and this system can be followed at any age. If you’re in your 20s or in your 60s, the science behind Phalogenics will work wonders.

The Science of Penile Traction Exercises

The human body is amazing. When you challenge the body, it responds.

Your body grows and adapts all the time, and this concept can also be applied to your penis. Stimulation and exercise can help you get the penis size that you deserve.

A study from 1998 found that:

  • Muscle fibers respond to new stressors
  • Ligaments respond to new stressors
  • Tendons respond to new stressors
  • Cellular tissue responds to new stressors

Not only do they respond to these new stressors, they also stretch and heal. This is what allows the human body to transform and change over time. I hate to use this analogy, but it’s the best one out there.

Your penis can grow in a similar way that your muscles grow when you lift weights.

The penile muscle allows you to follow much of the same concepts as bodybuilders follow to increase your penis size and growth. You see, when you perform exercises, the body has no other choice but to adapt.

When you perform penis exercises, the following will occur:

  • Muscle fibers stretch
  • Muscle fibers accommodate the exercise

Your penis is like a sponge, and it absorbs blood to become erect. When you perform these exercises, you’ll be filling up the penile chambers to stretch the pore cells in the penis. The penis will expand and heal thanks to this process.

Small, tiny tears will occur in the penis, or to be more accurate, the cellular walls.

Pore cells will become bigger and better able to absorb fluids as these small tears heal. Your penis’ corpora cavernosa will respond in the same way as above.

Stretching and healing will allow an increase in blood spaces and the ability for the penis to absorb more blood. What this does, and it should come as no surprise, is it allows the person to enjoy a much harder erection.

It’s simple: more blood means a harder erection.

The erectile tissue will have its actual size increased, allowing a man to satisfy his partner beyond their wildest dreams. Imagine those times when your dick was rock hard, filled to the brim with blood.

You can achieve this every time you have sex, and when you do it often as you will be by following this system, your penis will heal, accommodate and grow larger as a result.

When you try this concept with the penis, it’s a little different than with your other muscles. The penis needs to have the connective layers that are around the erectile tissue stretched. The right exercises (we’ll be talking about these soon), stimulate these connective layers.

But it’s not something that happens overnight.

You have to keep at it – trying to extend your penis day after day.

The cells that are already in the penis will be forced to increase. Small, not even noticeable results, will happen on the rest days or hours when you’re not performing the traction exercises. As these results compound, the penis will get bigger and bigger until you have measurable results.

It’s a marathon – not a sprint.

You know that to have an erect penis, you need to fill the penis with blood. Consistency will lead to this filling of blood, stretching out the penis and allowing it to grow thicker and longer.

When you see the results, you’ll be blown away.

I can’t give away all of the secrets behind Phalogenics, but I will give you a few hints about the exercises you’ll be performing in the PDFs and videos.

How To Use Phalogenic Traction Exercises To Grow Faster

shrooming exercises
You’ll be following a plan that includes strooming exercises and a penis wrap. And when you gain access to the community (it’s just $69 for lifetime access), you’ll get the following to help you get started:

  • Quick Start Guide. A quick and dirty guide that will cover all of the information rapidly. This is a guide that will get you up and growing. It’s the shortcut guide that has all of the information you need to start growing your penis and satisfying your partner. I recommend reading through this guide first and getting started on your penis routine. You’ll then want to go through all of the other great items you’ll be receiving.
  • Video Series. A video series is available that covers everything in video. This is nice for people that are visual learners rather than those who prefer reading.
  • Exercise Guide. The exercise guide obviously includes all of the exercises that you’ll be performing. This is a great option because it goes into a little more detail and ensures that you’re performing all of the exercises correctly.
  • 6 ½ Minute Plan. Yeah – just 6 minutes and 30 seconds is all you need to grow your penis. This plan is all about results, and since you can achieve these results in as little as seven minutes per day, it’s a commitment most people can make.
  • MVP Playbook. There’s an MVP playbook that helps you reach even greater length in the bed. You’ll learn how strooming can make your penis grow faster, and you’ll also learn how to get fast, sustained growth.

And Phalogenics also includes three additional bonuses that are so good, you’ll want to go to the official site to see them.

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Phalogenics even promises to increase penile size by one-half to one-inches in just one month. That’s an impressive claim, but you really need to follow the program to get these kinds of results. If you are a complete newbie to penis enlargement, this might be attainable.

Daily exercise is needed to see enhancement results, and all of the exercises are manual, so you’ll need to dedicate time to this enhancement method.

What I like best is the videos. When you watch the videos, they will show you how to perform every exercise step-by-step. Beginners will especially appreciate the videos because they walk a user through everything from top to bottom.

Weekly workouts and schedules are provided.

You just need to follow the workout schedule to see results. Since everything is broken down by week, you’ll be able to work on a variety of exercises and techniques all aimed at slow, consistent penis growth.

It’s really a dummy-proof program.

how to videos


Phalogenics Review & Our Results

When you’re trying to achieve results, look no further than Phalogenics. You’ll be able to achieve the following results:

  • Erections will be harder and stronger. You’ll be able to be thicker and more exciting in bed because your penis is overflowing with blood, filling those chambers that stretch the skin to its limits.
  • Stamina is increased thanks to your techniques and exercises. You’ll be a monster in the bedroom that can keep going all night long without stopping. You’ll be able to put professionals to shame with the amount of sex that you can have.
  • Length gains of 2.5″ inches are common. You’ll be able to reach that sweet spot that causes your partner to orgasm each and every time.

You’ll also find that all of the techniques have clinical studies backing their effectiveness. This is a scientifically proven system that has been studied in a professional setting.

In total, there are 35 clinical studies mentioned that will blow your mind with the results that they’re offering.

All of this information is available. You’ll also gain access to an exclusive community that allows you to share your results and ask questions whenever you want.

Phalogenics is the real deal, but you have to take action if you want to see results.

It’s up to you whether you want to be average in the bedroom or a complete beast. You have nothing to lose with a 60-day money back guarantee.

As you know we have dedicated many years into optimizing the male physiology and for our money, Phalogenics is the best manual penile exercise guide we have ever reviewed. Their online community and in-depth video guides take the guesswork out of their training routines. The science is proven and it is up to you to put in the work. If you want to increase your penis size without any expensive devices, the Phalogenics system is your ticket.

So, what are you waiting for? Your penis isn’t going to get bigger by just sitting there.


Click here to start on your journey of a bigger penis using the scientifically proven Phalogenics system.