Phallosan Forte Review

#1 Rated Enlargement Device

I’ve written a lot of reviews for male enhancement products, and for the most part, these products are designed for the average guy – guys who just want a bigger member.

The Phallosan Forte is a little different.

Sure, the everyday guy can use it for penis enlargement, but what really sets this device apart is its ability to help guys with IPP (a.k.a. Peyronie disease or penis curvature) and those recovering from prostate surgery.

But does it really work? It did for me – and countless other guys. And the device has been clinically tested and approved. Is this really the best penis extender? Let’s find out.

What is Phallosan Forte?

What is Phallosan Forte Extender

Phallosan is a stretching device, designed to elongate and enlarge the penis. We know – and have known for centuries – that gentle, consistent stretching forces the body to reproduce cells.

And as these cells reproduce, skin and even entire body parts lengthen and enlarge.

This isn’t just hearsay either. We’ve seen clear evidence of this in Ethiopia where women of the Mursi tribe pierce their lips to prepare for marriage. The lip plates get larger and heavier over time. It’s their belief that stretched ear lobes and lips enhance a woman’s beauty.

Kayan women in Myanmar wear big brass rings around their necks to elongate them over time. The rings put pressure on the collarbone, causing the neck to lengthen gradually.

Stretching really does work. And that’s why Phallosan really can enlarge and lengthen your penis.

Phallosan is gentle and effective – and you can wear it without anyone ever knowing it.

Phallosan Forte Results

phallosan penis pump

What Can Phallosan Do For You?

  • Increase your penis length by up to 1.9” in 6 months
  • Increase your erection by 1.5” in 3 months – 1.9” in 6 months
  • Increase your girth by 0.9” in as little as 3 months

And it can do all of this without:

  • Side effects
  • Discomfort

These results were the conclusion of a clinical study from a urological clinic in Germany.

proven results

When studying Phallosan before and after gains, on average, test patients saw a 1.41” increase in non-erect length and 1.14” in erect length.

The highest results were 1.9” (non-erect) and 1.47” (erect).


The best part? All of these results are permanent.

And they can get even better if you keep using Phallosan for longer than six months.


How Does The Phallosan Forte Work?

Phallosan is an orthopedic belt system (the only patented one in the world) that uses vacuum protector technology to quickly and effectively enlarge the penis.

The vacuum extends the entire length of the penis, starting at the glans.

A vacuum? Isn’t that going to hurt?

No. The vacuum function is barely noticeable.

Phallosan Reviews

The “stretcher” (if you can call it that) exerts gentle pressure on the surface tissue of your penis.

The makers of Phallosan compare the feeling to a compression stocking, which I would say is about right.

The tension can be adjusted using a three-way valve, so if you feel any discomfort (or want to ramp-up your results), you can adjust accordingly.

The tension clip is what controls the tension level, and it’s equipped with a calibrated pull system.

The makers of Phallosan also built in what they call a “traffic light” (i.e. red, yellow and green) system that lets you know which setting is recommended for best results.

How much positive force does Phallosan create?

  • 88lb (green)
  • 87lb (green)
  • 43lb (yellow)
  • 31lb (yellow)
  • 41lb (red)
  • 61lb (red)

What’s unique about this device is that you don’t have to use an external pumping ball or tube when using it. The suction bell was designed so that you don’t have to remove it to regulate the pressure, which makes this device even easier to use.

There are three sizes to choose from: S, M and L.

The size you choose will depend on the size of your glans, but don’t worry – no one will ever have to know which size you need. The basic kit comes with all the S, M and L sizes. That’s convenient, too, because as you grow, you can choose larger size if needed.

Why are there sizes anyway?

Different bell sizes means your glans always have room to grow, so you’re always working toward better results.

And no one will ever know you’re wearing this device. The system is easy to wear and surprisingly comfortable. I never once had it fall out of my pants, which has (embarrassingly) happened with other “stretchers.”

The level of comfort cannot be more important for your success. If a device is cumbersome to wear or has to be done in private, your chances for real growth are going to drop sharply. That is where the Phallosan extender excels, it is unnoticeable and very comfortable to wear.

What about IPP, Prostate Surgery and Other Issues?

Most guys buy Phallosan because they want a bigger penis – period.

They don’t necessarily have a medical condition that’s affecting their sex life, but they do want a boost in confidence and to better please their partners.

But Phallosan can also be used to help treat certain penis-related issues, like:

  • IPP (Innate Incurvate Penis) – a.k.a. a curved penis. Phallosan has helped 640 patients successfully treat IPP.
  • Prostate surgery – as a post-op treatment to restore sexual function.
  • Retractio penis – caused by obesity and being overweight. The penis actually retracts into the subcutaneous fat, making sex difficult or impossible. Phallosan can be used to draw the penis out of the subcutaneous fat tissue if weight loss is unsuccessful.
  • Erectile dysfunction caused by diabetes. Phallosan improves blood flow to the penis, delivering nutrients and oxygen needed for strong erections.

If you’re suffer with any of these conditions (trust me, you’re not the only one who is), talk to your doctor about trying Phallosan.

How Comfortable Is Phallosan, Really?

Is The Phallosan Comfortable

Phallosan can be worn for up to 12 hours each and every day. The vacuum, which puts negative pressure on the penis, is built into the suction bell. This smart design keeps the glans from slipping out.

I was initially skeptical that the belt would be uncomfortable to wear for such a long period of time, but I barely noticed it was there. And its size can be adjusted to whatever is most comfortable for your unique body type.

And if your belt just so happens to deteriorate over time, you can order replacements for all parts of the belt. The belt uses Velcro fasteners, which make it so easy to replace parts.

Okay, what about swelling? Isn’t that going to be uncomfortable?

Phallosan Forte How To

I was worried about this, too. When vacuums are involved, you always have to worry about swelling and irritation. But Phallosan, surprisingly, doesn’t have this problem.

A protector cap is built into the device. The cap is what protects the foreskin and glans from redness and swelling if the suction gets to be too strong.

And just as a side note (because I know you’re thinking about it), all three suction bells are made of unbreakable, allergen-free material.

Actually, virtually all of the device’s parts are made of allergen-free material, including the sleeve, which is made of silicon.

I was happy about the sleeve’s material. I personally have a sensitivity to latex, and so many other devices use latex as part of their design. The silicon is comfortable and won’t irritate your skin.

Some guys report wearing the device overnight too. So if you don’t want to worry about wearing it during your daily routine, just sleep your way to a larger penis. This is a major upgrade over other penis extenders. There is no way you can be comfortable in lesser devices. They all have metal parts or are just too bulky to wear at night.

Where to Buy Phallosan?

Where can you find Phallosan Forte for sale?

Online – directly from the manufacturer. And your kit comes in discreet packaging, so no one will ever know that you’re buying a penis extender. Billing is discreet, too.

If you see the Phallosan Forte on Amazon or eBay, rest assured that you are about to waste your money on a knock-off fake product. Do not do this. You want to get the full warranty that comes only when you buy direct from the manufacturer.

What Does the Kit Contain?

  • Elastic belt with foam ring, buckle and suction bell adapter
  • S, M and L suction bells
  • Sleeves for each bell size
  • Tension clip and the tension spring attachment
  • Protector cap to prevent swelling and irritation
  • Suction ball with 3-way valve

Everything (aside from the protector caps and sleeves) is covered by a two-year warranty. And you can return the device within 14 days – no questions asked.

Sizegenetics vs Phallosan – Which Is Better?

Sizegenetics is another popular penis extender, and it’s another device I’ve had some pretty impressive results with it along with manual phalogenic traction exercises. But which one should you choose?

The answer really depends on your personal preference and if you want to increase girth too.

For the record, our opinion at OTCMaleEnhancement is that the results show that these deliver similar results for length but in different ways.

What is “best” for you and your growth comes down to comfort and if you are looking to increase girth. If girth is your goal, the Phallosan Forte is the best choice.

Both are about the same in cost, and both deliver good results.

What it all comes down to is comfort.

Both devices can be customized to your liking, but Phallosan is a bit more comfortable in my opinion and thus easier to wear.

It’s smaller, it’s easier to wear, and I’ve never had an issue with it falling off.

And you can easily adjust the tension to your liking with the flip of a switch on the tension clip. In other words, you cannot go wrong with either device it really comes to down to a matter of personal preference for the different styles.

If you want a bigger penis – and girth – you need to try Phallosan.

With length gains of up to 1.9” in six months and close to an full inch in girth, you’ll be able to please her like never before. The company ships in completely discreet packaging so it will look like any other piece of mail delivered to your home. No one will know what you are ordering.

Are Phallosan Forte Results Permanent?

This is the major pay off for all of us. If you use the Phallosan extender for a full 6 months, your gains are going to stay. Even better, we encourage you to continue using the device after your initial 6 months to keep growing. Our tests show that this works extremely well for increasing girth and is our #1 recommended product for girth.

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