There are a lot of male enhancement products on the market these days.  We have tested over 100 different supplements since 2016 and to be fair, a good portion of those are bunk . But every once in a while, I find a product that actually looks like the real deal and has the ingredients to back it up.

Nitridex is one of those products.

What intrigued me about this supplement is that it takes a different approach to male enhancement. It focuses on boosting blood flow to the corpus cavernosa (the chambers in the penis responsible for erections). The better the blood flow, the bigger and harder the erection.

Nitridex isn’t a magic pill that will make you hung like a horse overnight. But over time, increased blood flow will stretch the cells and make your penis bigger.

Let’s take a closer look at this male enhancement supplement to see how it works.

What Is Nitridex

What is Nitridex?

Nitridex is a natural male enhancement supplement that uses clinically tested ingredients to give you a bigger, harder member.

  • Can help you achieve a bigger, harder penis.
  • Delivers five times the penis enlargement power of other natural supplements.
  • Can help you achieve more intense – and lasting – orgasms.
  • Works gently and naturally.
  • Doesn’t have the side effects of prescription pills.

I like that this product uses natural herbs, which have been used for centuries to improve male sexual health.

Does Nitridex Work?

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We’ll talk about the ingredients shortly, but let’s look at how this supplement actually works to increase your penis size.

There are two chambers in the penis, called corpus cavernosa, that determine your size with an erection. Muscles surround these chambers, which support the penis when it’s erect and contract during ejaculation.

What do these chambers have to do with getting a bigger penis?

Scientists have figured out how to push the thickness and density of these chambers by using a complex ingredient. Nitridex uses this special ingredient – and other male-enhancing ingredients – to help you achieve a bigger penis.

When taking Nitridex, blood flow to these chambers is increased significantly, filling the open spaces in the corpora cavernosa. Once the blood is trapped, the major muscle in the chamber gets to work to support the erection.

The natural compound in this supplement breaks down the cell walls in the corpora cavernosa, forcing more blood into them. Each time this happens, the cells stretch and become larger.

My only complaint here is that you have to continue taking this supplement to maintain your big size. But then again, the herbs provide other health benefits (Maca is a staple for us for general well being) that really make it no different from taking a vitamin.

One thing you’ll notice about this supplement is that all of the ingredients are hand-picked to improve blood flow to the corpus cavernosa. Poor blood flow is a major contributor to erectile dysfunction, but it’s also part of the reason why so many guys are just “average” in the size department.

If you can get more blood into the corpora cavernosa, you can significantly increase your size. And I like that this supplement uses ingredients that break down the walls of the cells in this key area, which makes more room for more blood.

Nitridex Ingredients

Nitridex Ingredients

A supplement is only as good as its ingredients. Nitridex contains a blend of natural herbs that have been shown to have male-enhancing effects.  Here are our favorite ingredients.


L-arginine is an amino acid that can act like a vasodilator – it enhances blood flow. When supplemented, this amino acid allows more blood to enter the corpus cavernosa, which gives you bigger and harder erections.

L-arginine is typically combined with other male enhancing ingredients, like the ones listed below.

Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali is also known as Malaysian ginseng, and it has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. The root of the plant was traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and treatment for age-related sexual issues.

The root has several compounds that have been shown – in animal studies – to boost libido and even boost semen count.

One study from 2012 demonstrated the effectiveness of tongkat ali in boosting testosterone. Among the 76 men who participated, only 35% had normal testosterone levels. After one month of supplementing, the number of men in the “normal” group jumped to over 90%.

Ginseng Blend

Ginseng has been a part of traditional medicine in Asia for centuries. Humans have been using this herb to increase stamina and energy, and to boost libido.

Like L-arginine, ginseng improves blood flow in the body, allowing more blood to flow into the corpus cavernosa.

Over time, it contributes to better, harder and longer-lasting erections.

Horny Goat Weed

The name says it all. Horny goat weed makes you horny – but it also improves blood flow to the penis and can improve sexual function. It’s often used as an alternative treatment for ED (erectile dysfunction).

Horny goat weed is one of the most common ingredients in male enhancement products for a reason. It not only boosts blood flow, but it also gets you in the mood. Never underestimate the power of your libido the size of your erections.


Maca is native to the Andes in Peru and is actually a vegetable. This nutritionally-rich plant is known as an adaptogen. What this means is that it helps the body naturally adapt to stressors we experience in everyday life, like a demanding schedule or illness.

Maca is famous for its ability to help balance hormones and its antioxidative properties.

Simple yet effective. All of the ingredients on this list have been shown to improve male sexual health in some way – mainly improved blood flow. Better blood flow allows this supplement to work its magic.

Where to Buy Nitridex

where to buy nitridex

Nitridex is only available online, and you’ll want to buy directly to avoid getting a counterfeit product.  There was a brief period where 3rd party sellers offered a fake knockoff on eBay and and that led to a lot of bad press about a Nitridex scam.  The truth is that those people likely bought fake products.  The manufacturer sued to have those listings removed from both sites and are in litigation against those sellers currently.

Remember – you have to consume this supplement consistently. It’s crucial to make sure you’re buying a genuine product. Otherwise, you have no way of knowing what’s in a counterfeit supplement, which could be dangerous.

Buying from the official source is quick and easy. And you don’t have to worry about getting a bogus product.

Nitridex Trial Offer

Right now, Nitridex is running a trial offer, which gives you a free bottle.

If you want bigger, harder and longer-lasting erections, give Nitridex a try. You have nothing to lose but your less-than-average size.

Get yours now.

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