Does Male Extra Work?


Male enhancement doesn’t need to come with severe side effects. We’ve all heard the stories we would rather forget: a botched surgery leaves some poor guy limp for the rest of his life.

There are also horror stories of bloating, nausea, stomach aches, vomiting and countless other side effects from taking enhancement pills.

But after weeding through all of the products that don’t work, you’ll find a handful of ones that will actually give you a bigger erection, and they’ll add thickness to your penis, too.

Male Extra works – it worked well for me – and there are countless others that have touted Male Extra as helping their member grow.

Male Extra Results

Male Extra Reviews

Often called the  over the counter Viagra, these male enhancement pills have worked wonders for over 150,000 people that have tried them. And you know there are so many more that are reluctant to let the world know that they wanted a harder, longer-lasting erection.

Men that are smaller don’t want to let the rest of the world know about their problem – size is a part of a man’s pride.

A leading and trusted product, these pills work to:

  • Fill the head of the penis with more blood
  • Produce harder erections
  • Enhance the size of your penis

We’ll be talking about all of the ingredients soon, but let’s see what you can expect and when.

How Much Will My Penis Grow?

Can You Buy Male Extra on

Keep in mind that this product claims to provide a harder erection on the first use, but what makes them unique is that they also boast about penis growth with continued use.

Just imagine how much more you could please your partner if your penis was:

  • .8” – 2.6” longer

For many men, the 2.6” growth is 50% more penetration length. This means you’ll be able to hit her G-spot with greater ease, leading to intense orgasms and more fun in the bedroom.

And when you take off your pants, it will be clear who is the center of attention in the room.

How Long Does It Take for Male Extra to Work?

does male extra workMen note that they start noticing a harder erection quickly and after just a few weeks of use some growth too. Comprehensive studies have been done by the makers of Male Extra that shows when the best results are experienced:

  • 3 Months: 0.8” growth
  • 4 Months: 1.1” growth
  • 5 Months: 1.6” growth
  • 6 Months: 2.6” growth

As you can tell from the chart above, the results amplify the longer you take these pills. I haven’t seen anyone boasting much more growth than what’s listed above, but you can’t expect miracles either.

Any more growth and you could play baseball with your new bat.

For my test, the results were nearly on par with the average, where I ended with 2” + growth.

Granted, I was already doing extensive penis training routine but once I started taking Male Extra the results took off.


And when you’re using Male Extra, you’ll need to take three pills per day. It’s recommended that you take these pills with a larger meal to help with digestion. A lot of people experience stomach discomfort when taking pills, but even when taking these on an empty stomach, I didn’t experience any discomfort.

However, there is a slight downside to Male Extra but that depends on your perspective.

The potent ingredients are what will cause more blood to be forced into the penis to allow for a larger, fuller erection. When you stop taking these pills, you’ll lose the enhanced sex drive and you’ll lose some of the size gains, too over time.

The maker doesn’t say this, but I did keep over an inch of growth even after I stopped taking the pills.  With that said, it was a noticeable size difference once I stopped my initial trial.

How to prevent losing your initial gains?

It is simple, just cycle on and off of the product.  I now cycle with this supplement 4x per year in order to keep working on more size.  In fact, the manufacturer is aware of this and that is why they off bulk discounts when ordering 3 or more bottles.   I am get the price per bottle down to $41 with the buy 4 get 2 free offer.   That is a saving of over $318 versus buying individual bottles.

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How Male Extra Works

how long does male extra takeThis is the best nonprescription male enhancement pill I’ve had the pleasure of trying so far.

When you want added growth or just a harder erection, Male Extra is the choice for you. But knowing how it works will provide you with a clearer picture of why these pills work.

Basic male enhancement pills 101 tells us that pills are only as good as the ingredients they’re comprised of.

And the ingredients can all be researched further so that you can verify their benefits.


The ingredients are:

  • L-ARGININE HCL: A powerful ingredient that has been shown to help men with erectile dysfunction. Studies show that 37% of men with ED experience positive results with this ingredient in just one month. Packed with 600mg of this amino acid, this is the ingredient that is converted to nitric oxide, and improves erection and sexual enhancement.
  • POMEGRANATE 40% ELLAGIC ACID: A rich antioxidant that boosts blood circulation, allowing your penis to fill with more blood. When taking these pills daily, studies show a 17% increase in blood flow in as little as 90 days (right when the results start to amplify).
  • MSM: An ingredient that also supports blood flow, tissue and cell growth. MSM supports new penis cell growth and allows you to have firmer, stronger erections.
  • L-METHIONINE: Another amino acid that’s linked to climax control. When levels are too high, a person will prematurely ejaculate. This ingredient lowers the histamine levels, which will allow you to last longer in bed and helps prevent the dreaded premature ejaculation.
  • ZINC: An ingredient found in many foods. Zinc actually plays a role in testosterone production. Studies show that low zinc causes a man’s testosterone levels to fall as much as 75% over a 20-week period. If you’re deficient in zinc, your libido suffers, causing you to be less interested in sex.
  • CORDYCEPS: Chinese medicine has used this ingredient as a natural aphrodisiac for thousands of years. Studies point to this fungus increasing a person’s sex drive and function.
  • NIACIN: Commonly called vitamin B3, this ingredient boosts blood flow through the relaxation and expansion of blood vessels. This has proven to be a vital ingredient in erectile dysfunction pills – and it’s great for your libido, confidence and erection hardness.

When you take these pills, blood flow to the penis is promoted and increased.

Erections can be held for longer, and MSM will help tissue growth and repair so that your penis grows over time. With a boosted libido, you’ll be able to satisfy your partner and gain the confidence in bed that you always wish you had.

Male Extra Reviews by Customers

Male Extra User Reviews

If you’ve ever tried other male enhancement pills (don’t even get me started with the Extenze side effects), you know that if they really work, customers will not have a problem boasting about them.

What are others saying about Male Extra?

  • Finally, a holistic approach to male enhancement.
  • I went from 5.8” to over 7” in length in 4 months.
  • I’ve never heard her moan so loud – it works.
  • The results speak for themselves: 2” of growth in just over 7 months.
  • I feel like I am back in high school – my libido is through the roof.

The best part?

Side effects from Male Extra are never severe. In fact, most people never experience any side effects at all. This lack of side effects is a direct result of the ingredients included in Male Extra:

  • No chemicals or drugs included
  • All natural ingredients allow for real results
  • Holistic approaches allow for a natural increase in length

And if you don’t see the results that I know you will, there is a 60-day money back guarantee.

Male Extra Money Back Guarantee

No one offers a money back guarantee unless their product really works. This is a level of confidence that many companies can never offer.

The only thing you have to pay for is the return shipping.

No hassle, no risk and no questions asked – that is an ironclad guarantee.


When I ordered, the last thing I wanted was for my significant other to know that I was trying to boost the size of my erection – it’s a pride thing – and I like my privacy. I was shocked when a plain brown box was sent to my door. Unless someone else opens up the box, they’ll never know that you’ve ordered male enhancement pills.

Men of all ages can use Male Extra without worrying about harsh side effects.

The only time that you shouldn’t take this enhancement pill is if you have health issues or you’re on other medications. People that suffer from blood pressure issues or heart disease may not do well with male enhancement pills that aim to boost blood flow to the penis.

If you do have a medical condition, you’ll want to consult with your physician prior to taking any supplements or additional medicine.

But for 99% of users, the only thing you have to fear is seeing proven results and being a tiger in the bed. The results and reviews from users speak for themselves Male Extra works.


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