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Natural penis enlargement is exactly what smaller men need to consider.

Forget about the pills that don’t work, and surgery is far too risky to consider. No one wants to suffer from the next botched penile enlargement surgery – it’s an end to your sex life.

Male Edge has the potential to change all of this. The 2nd generation model offers even better cell division, a lower price and is based on the industry’s former leading product: Jes-Extender.

What Is Male Edge?

what is male edge

Male Edge is the answer to a longer, thicker penis. This isn’t a pill or some other wonder supplement that offers claims that have never been backed up by science. This is a proven penis enlargement device – a penis extender.

This device utilizes the traction enlargement method to promote penile cell division.

What does cell division have to do with your penis size?

Not much, right? Wrong.

When you start to grow, your cells divide, allowing your tissue growth to be promoted. Eventually, this cell division and tissue growth must come to an end so that you stop growing – in height and penis size.

And no one wants to keep growing either.

Male Edge is used to slowly apply traction to the penis so that cell division is once again promoted in the penis only. Over time, the cells will begin to divide, which causes tissue to grow and increase, leading to a longer and thicker penis.

Male Edge is the device you’ll use to promote this cell division once again.

male edge

Male Edge Reviews Don’t Lie

I’m skeptical when it comes to penis enlargement. I’ve been fooled by late night television, claims of 8” growth, and pills that don’t do anything to produce results. When people were bragging about Male Edge, I brushed it off, but I was intrigued.

[highlight ]Growth of 1 – 2” is the norm, and if you keep wearing the device, you’ll continue to achieve even greater results.[/highlight]

And if you have a smaller or larger penis, you’ll be happy to know that this device will work for penis lengths of 1” to 8”. I’m not sure many men will want to have a bigger penis than 8”, and I’m not sure the device can be used after this threshold.

What really stood out to me is that you can use this device at any time: it’s discreet and fits right under your pants, so you’re not announcing your penis treatment to the world. And you can use this device anytime:

  • When watching television
  • At work
  • On vacation
  • At the gym

There is no excuse when trying to extend the length of your penis. You’re in full control here, and isn’t it about time you enjoy a larger, fuller penis?

When it comes to comfort, this is one of the most comfortable penis enlargement devices on the market.

I hated the discomfort of other devices and pumps, but I was able to wear this device for 6+ hours without feeling any discomfort.

There is even a comfort strap that adds to the comfort of the device.

male edge comfort strap

Keep in mind that you’ll want to:

  • Start slowly at the lowest traction level
  • Limit your time initially
  • Work your way up to higher levels of traction
  • Work your way up to wearing the device for longer

Traction is also enhanced with this model. See, what many people don’t know is that Male Edge is an extension of the Jes Extender. If you’ve ever read any reviews on the Jes, you know it’s one of the world’s most well-known penis enlargement devices.

In fact, the device was featured in the British Journal of Urology – it works.

But the company wanted to do better. So, the research and development team decided that they to create Male Extra to see if they could produce a better penis extender.

The results? A clear success.

A major improvement also comes from the traction increase.

[highlight ]Jes starts at 900g, while Male Edge starts at 1200g.[/highlight]

On the high end, Male Edge goes up to 2800g of traction to produce even better results.

It’s all about the increased traction and comfort with this second generation model. The small tweaks have made a huge difference for people across the globe.

And 500,000 men have put Male Extra to the test to enhance their sex life – it works.

Cheaper Than the Competition

One thing from reading Male Edge reviews that keeps popping up is that it’s so affordable. And when looking at the Male Edge vs Jes Extender, it becomes apparent that Male Edge is meant to be affordable.

The cheapest Jes model costs $209, while the highest-priced model from the company costs over $1,000 (yes, you read that right).

But in comparison, this is far cheaper and a heck of a lot less riskier than even thinking about surgery. The company knew they were missing out on the lower-end market, so Male Edge also provided an outlet for lower-priced penis extenders.

How much does Male Edge cost?

There are actually three models offered:

  • Basic: $149.99
  • Extra: $179.99
  • Pro: $199.99

All three models are far cheaper than Jes, and this is considered Jes 2.0 – really.

So, you get the comfort of knowing this device is constructed from one of the industry’s most respected pioneers and offers the same great quality.

The only difference (I’m trying to be honest here) is that Jes offers a much nicer case. You’ll still receive a case for your extender, but it’s not the same James Bond type of case that Jes offered.

For me, if this was my 1st entry into penile extenders I would rather save the money and bring my lady on a date.

In the end, the only thing that matters is the results (read below for more).

Wondering where to buy Male Edge?

Click here to buy it from the official website.


Backed by Studies and Real Results

Male Edge results are going to blow you away. Keep in mind that this device has been featured on major news outlets and in scientific journals – it works that well. And the results are really impressive:

  • Average length increases of 28%
  • Average girth increases of 19%

So, if you’re in the 5” range (don’t be ashamed, most men fall in this range), you can expect to gain 1” – 1.4’. These kind of results can push your intercourse to the next level. An extra inch is able to make a huge difference when trying to make her reach the big O.

Don’t believe me?

<< Check out the before and after pictures for yourself >>

But you know what? You have nothing to lose.

The one thing I haven’t told you about is the company’s money back guarantee.

If you give the product a try (it needs to be a real try, so we’re talking months) and you aren’t seeing any results, return the product to get your money back. It gets even better. This is a 200% money back guarantee.


You’ll pay just $149 for the basic model, and if you don’t find that it has proven to be effective, you’ll receive nearly $300 back.

It’s a no-brainer at this point.

Male Edge doesn’t work overnight. I don’t want to give you the impression that you’ll see gains in a week. This is an all-natural way to enhance your penis, and it’s not going to work even in the first month.

Some people do notice minor enhancement in a month, but the real gains are realized at the 3-month mark.

And the peak of your results are experienced around the 6-month mark. This is a long time, but there is some good news: the results are forever.

You can choose to stop using your extender any time that you wish, but you won’t experience any further gains after this point.

And while this is not our overall favorite extender device, it is a decent budget device and with a 200% money back guarantee, you only have inches to gain.

If you have more budget there is one other device we liked more than the Male Edge device but it does cost a lot more. It is the Phallosan Forte hybrid extender (see full review).


Click here to start on your path to a larger, thicker penis.


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