how to naturally treat low t

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

When you have low testosterone, you will want to know the safest way to get your numbers back up.

Medications can cause drastic side effects, and natural low testosterone treatments are long-lasting and more of a cure than just a band-aid.

Natural treatments help your body produce testosterone naturally, so you’re not making your hormones go crazy in the process.

What Happens When Your Testosterone is Low?

How To Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is a hormone, and it’s produced by the testicles.

This hormone is responsible for helping a man build muscle and increase bone mass. Sperm production is also stimulated thanks to the testosterone in the body.

As men age, testosterone will naturally decrease.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, natural testosterone levels are 300 – 1000 ng/dL.

If you have been diagnosed with low T (testosterone), it’s because your testosterone levels have fallen below the 300 ng/dL mark. And this is when you start to experience adverse symptoms and signs that something is wrong.

Hypogonadism (the medical term for low T), is often confused with natural aging, and the symptoms are rather sudden. The symptoms that you may be experiencing include:

1.      Low Sex Drive

Your libido is reliant on your testosterone levels. Even in women, low testosterone can decrease a woman’s sex drive, although low T is more common in men than women. If you experience a major decline in the desire to have sex, you may need a natural, low testosterone treatment.

2.      Erection Difficulty

Because a man’s sex drive is driven by testosterone, testosterone also aids in achieving an erection. While this hormone isn’t the only factor in an erection, it does help trigger an erection through the production of nitric oxide.

Erection difficulty can occur for a myriad of reasons, but it is a common side effect of low T.

3.      Hair Loss

Balding is a natural part of aging, but men that have low levels of testosterone will lose hair all over their body, including their facial hair – not just hair found on the head.

4.      Low Semen Levels

The production of semen is carried out because of testosterone. The milky fluid that helps the sperm move around is produced by testosterone. Men will often notice a lower volume of semen when they ejaculate.

5.      Fatigue

Lack of energy and fatigue is commonly noticed when a man’s testosterone starts to fall below normal levels. This will be the feeling of being tired all of the time even after a long night of sleep.

And you may also find that it’s harder to get motivated to go on walks, to the gym or engage in any form of exercise.

6.      Muscle Loss

Men with low T will start to lose their muscle mass. Strength and muscle will start to decrease, and if you try to rebuild the muscle through weight training, you’ll find it difficult to rebuild muscle.

7.      Body Fat Increase

Studies point to a link between testosterone and the way that the body stores fat. Many men will begin to notice an increase in body fat, especially in the breast area, when testosterone levels are low.

8.      Bone Loss

Testosterone plays a major role in bone mass in men. When a man’s testosterone levels are low, bone mass may decrease. A lowering in bone mass can lead to bone fractures – especially in older men.

And testosterone levels play a major role in the mood of a man. Men with low T will often find that they’re depressed, lack focus and are irritable.

What Are the Best Natural Treatments for Low T?

Best Natural Treatments For AndroPause

When looking at all of the symptoms listed, many men will be thinking “that is me.” And unless you get tested, you’ll never know with 100% positivity that you’re suffering from a lack of testosterone, or something drastically different.

But you can also try natural testosterone boosters.

Since you’re naturally trying to boost testosterone, you’ll either boost your low T and feel better, or you’ll start to notice that something else is the cause of your symptoms. But you won’t need to take chemical-ridden pills or go to a doctor to check your levels. Many men will take these testosterone treatments because they’ll feel more energetic and also feel stronger, which is always an added bonus.

If you believe or you know that you’re suffering from low T, the following natural, low testosterone treatments may help:

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Often found in pill form, this is an herb from Ayurveda. This supplement is used to boost male virility and vitality. A libido-enhancing supplement, this herb is thought to boost testosterone levels in the body.

This herb is highly studied, and while the results vary from study to study, this herb does:

  • Boost libido
  • Increase erection
  • Boosts testosterone levels (slightly)

From personal experience, this treatment does work, but it will take a few weeks to really notice a difference. I recommend giving this supplement a try for 3 – 4 weeks before judging for yourself whether it works or not.

If you’re suffering from low libido and erection problems, Tribulus Terrestris will help drastically. Energy levels were also boosted as well as a feeling of more vigor.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali, also known as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, is an aphrodisiac that also boosts sperm production.

Studies on this herb are inconclusive due to variations in dosages. Some studies point to an increase in testosterone, and others provide too little dosages to be truly effective.

Clinical studies have shown that Tongkat Ali will help with:

  • Erections
  • Libido
  • Sperm quality
  • Seminal motility
  • Well-being
  • Lean mass
  • Power output

Studies have shown that infertile men have had their testosterone levels boosted when taking this treatment. Reviews from thousands of men suffering with Low T also point to Tongkat Ali as a potent, natural testosterone booster.



Fenugreek is in herb found in India and regions in the Middle East. Used for centuries as a libido and masculinity enhancer, Fenugreek can be taken in supplement form or even added to tea, which is a major bonus for people that don’t do well with pills.

Studies have shown that Fenugreek is very potent in:

  • Enhancing libido greatly
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity
  • Reducing fat mass
  • Increasing testosterone

It’s important to note that Fenugreek isn’t as much of a testosterone booster as the other treatments on the list.

Rather, it is a minor booster to testosterone, but is still a very potent enhancer of your libido, which is never a bad thing.

If you have low libido and low testosterone levels, Fenugreek is a good choice.


Maca Root

Maca is often found in a powder form, and this can also be found in the Maca root. This is a plant that is in the broccoli family, and it is famously grown in Peru. Many men confuse this as a low T booster, but studies have not shown that Maca helps boost testosterone.

What Maca does do is increase your libido.

And Maca also helps to:

  • Protect the brain
  • Improve bone health
  • Boost cognitive ability
  • Skyrocket the libido
  • Increase sperm production

Now, while Maca does not boost testosterone, according to studies, it does counteract many of the symptoms associated with Low T, which is a major benefit. As you can see, this supplement counteracts 4 or 5 out of the 8 listed symptoms of low testosterone, so it certainly won’t hurt even if it doesn’t boost testosterone levels.

Low testosterone levels can be managed and boosted naturally. For many men and women, the supplements above have been able to effectively treat Low T and even manages the symptoms while also boosting testosterone levels over the long-term.

It’s important to note that the natural treatments above do not work overnight.

You’ll want to continue using these treatments for a minimum of one month before you’ll realize the true potential of the treatment. And you can use several of the treatments above together without worrying about them conflicting with one another.