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 iGrow Laser

Hair and confidence go together naturally. When you’re young and your hair is thick and beautiful, you’ll style it and make yourself look like a million bucks. But as you age (and you will), your hair will begin to thin.

And unless you’re one of the lucky ones, you may even start to get those dreaded bald spots.

No one wants to wear a wig, and a lot of those other products don’t work. Rogaine has been promoting their products for years, and the dilemma of being bald is still as real today as it was 20 years ago.

i-Grow Laser aims to change everything.

What is iGrow?

 iGrow hair growth system

This is a revolutionary low level light therapy that has been touted as one of the world’s best hair growth products, and it works. All you need to do is perform your “sessions” in the comfort of your home, and it will begin to kick start the hair growth process.

It’s the solution to regrow your hair.

And it’s been proven to work time and time again.

This isn’t some Dr. Oz type of hocus-pocus that’s just a new fad and being pushed down the throat of consumers.

This is science – and it’s something you can afford (with a free trial, you have nothing to lose).

How Does iGrow Work?

I’m no scientist, but I am an avid user of the iGrow. I am going to give you the rundown in an “iGrow hair growth system 101” course, starting with the technical details first before going into how I use this product to thicken my hair.

Low level light therapy (LLLT) is the magic behind the iGrow.

This is the technology that has created the best laser hair growth treatment on the planet – at least the best treatment I’ve ever used.

It’s so good that it’s been featured on:

  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • Fox News

You see, what happens is the LLLT uses a combination of LED diodes and red laser therapy to promote cellular rejuvenation on the scalp.

When you start balding or your hair begins to thin, the cellular activity comes to a halt or slows. This is a process that’s impossible to avoid as you age, but with the help of technology, we can restart this cellular activity.

As the cells are rejuvenated, the hair begins to grow like it did when your hair was thick and beautiful.

Even if you’re not bald, this therapy will help to thicken the hair. If you’re suffering from thinning hair (something women simply hate), you can counteract this thinning before the true balding process begins.

Lasers are hot – right?

No. Not all lasers are hot. We’re not trying to damage the hair follicles and stop hair growth. Instead, you need to use cold laser therapy if you want to promote healing and cellular response.

Many people have turned to cold laser therapy to heal wounds, reduce pains and even help with severe knee and back pain.

Low light therapy will use a cold laser that doesn’t burn your hair follicles. Since the therapy is not thermal, it will cause the laser beams to be absorbed into the skin and initiate a response between the cells and photons in the body.

This causes a photochemical reaction to occur.

On a scientific level, the beam will affect the tissue and absorb into the mitochondria of the cell, causing it to:

  • Increase cellular reproduction and grow
  • Promote healing of damaged tissue
  • Increase vascular activity, or the blood circulation which plays a role in hair growth
  • Stimulate nerve function
  • Stimulate hair growth

And this is how the iGrow laser will help you restore that beautiful head of hair that you once had.

There is no shame in trying to regrow your hair.

People are always trying to look younger, and with the iGrow, you’ll do it in the most natural way possible.

No pills. No creams.

You’re interacting with your body on a cellular level that ensures your hair grows in naturally, and is natural. You’re not allowing harmful chemicals to be absorbed into your body. It’s like turning back the clock, and it works well.


What Can You Expect With the iGrow Laser?

igrow laser reviews

Talk is cheap. No one cares about empty promises, and if there is one thing the hair growth industry has done, it is fill people with false hope. This isn’t about re-growing your hair overnight – it’s about restoring your body’s ability to regrow hair.

The results happen over time.

And the company behind iGrow offers a 6-month guarantee.

Don’t see results? Send the product back. You won’t get your shipping and handling fee back, but that’s change you’ll find between your couch cushions.

Companies don’t offer a 6-month guarantee and a free trial on a product that doesn’t work. It just doesn’t happen.

Personal experience has put me in the perfect position to tell you how this product works:

  • Wear the hair helmet 3 – 4 times per week
  • Gradual hair growth starts around 12 weeks of usage
  • Optimal hair growth starts after 16 – 24 weeks

What I haven’t told you is that this is a hair helmet. You’ll wear it on your head, and it can be used by men or women. I use it when I am on the computer busy at work. The helmet comes equipped with iPhone and MP3 functionality as well as “headphones.”

So, I use it when I am busy working at the computer, and I can listen to my music at the same time.

It’s an effortless way to grow hair, and it doesn’t stop you from being able to do normal activities. Wear it while watching television, laying on the couch reading a book, or while playing a video game – there is no excuse for not restoring your hair growth.

What’s really neat is a laser comb is moved along the scalp every 4 seconds for 20 minutes, so your entire head is treated to offer true hair growth.

Spas, doctors and hair loss clinics have been using this technology for years.

This is the most effective hair restoration method on the market today. It’s underwent numerous clinical studies, and the results are always the same – thicker, beautiful hair.

No Side Effects to Worry About

For me, side effects are a major concern with any product I use on my body. There is no time to sit and worry that I may be blindsided by a headache, or that I’ll feel sick because I tried to regrow my hair.

Through all of the company’s clinical research trials, no one experienced any side effects.

And the iGrow laser is FDA cleared.

Affordable, adjustable and effective, this safe hair growth laser will help you regain your youth without all of those harsh side effects attached.

iGrow Reviews: What Are Others Saying?

You know that iGrow has worked well for me, but what has it done for others? What are other iGrow laser reviews saying?

  • It works. But you have to be consistent.
  • There is no hair falling out in the shower drain. iGrow saved my hair.
  • There are a lot of scams, but this product works.

Now, it would be unfair for me to put all good reviews. For some people, this product simply does not work well. An underlying health issue that is stopping a person from growing new hair will need to be addressed at the root of the problem and not “cured” through the iGrow.

But the company acknowledges this directly. One reviewer stated:

  • Might work for some, not for others.

This customer called for the refund. The company told him to try it for another six months, and they would still honor the warranty. And when it didn’t work, the company offered an additional six months.

Finally, the product didn’t work for this person, but the company offered a total of 18 months on their guarantee and refunded the person after all of this time.

Honesty and integrity is what the company offers, and you can’t ask for much more than that.

If the company is willing to offer a guarantee of this magnitude, you know that they believe in their product.

For the vast majority of people, iGrow will help thicken and strengthen their hair, so they can say “goodbye” to their bald spots.

The deal becomes even more impressive when you consider the company guarantee. It’s time to start regrowing your hair and restoring your youth. All it takes is a few seconds of your time, and you’ll be on your way to receiving a free trial of iGrow in as fast as two days.


Click here to claim your free trial and get free, two-day shipping included.

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