How to Make a Girl Squirt

Every man has either heard about or seen videos where a woman squirts.

A squirting orgasm is kind of like a unicorn – some mythical creature everyone wants to find.

It’s almost as if making her squirt is some sort of achievement among men.

Admit it – you want her to squirt.

The problem is that us men aren’t even sure how it happens. Maybe it’s something we just see in porn, or maybe it’s something only some girls can do.

We’re going to hit on a few of these points to find out how to make a girl squirt.


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Can All Girls Squirt?

Find That Unicorn.
Find That Unicorn.

All is an issue. Deborah Sundahl, a leading expert on the matter, suggests that most women can squirt.

This is a good thing, but you may be dealing with a woman that simply can’t squirt. She may not even want to squirt.

The truth is that a lot of women are self-conscious when it comes to squirting.


The debate on what is being squirted is the main culprit.

Countless women assert that these fluids are not urine, but some researchers state that this is nothing else but urine.

And most women don’t want to shower their men with urine.

The good news is that a recent finding has found that this fluid is not urine (more on that soon).



What Makes a Woman Squirt?

What Makes a Woman Squirt

The “what” makes this a tricky question to answer. A study conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine looked into the female prostate gland. Everyone knows that men have a prostate, but women don’t have this same gland.

There is a big debate on the female prostate gland and whether or not it exists.

A gland would allow a woman to enjoy female ejaculation, or squirt. The study conducted in Austria looked for this gland using endoscopic, biochemical and ultrasonography techniques to be able to find if a female prostate exists.

The study included two women that can squirt.

And the results were surprising.

What the researchers found was that a gland that spans the length of the female urethra may exist. Tissue surrounding this area was seen, and an opening or duct was present, too. The fluid that the women emitted was shown to have the following characteristics:

  • Parameters found in prostate plasma
  • Parameters not found in urine

So, this “prostate” or “gland”, called the Skene gland, in women is the reason why or what makes a girl squirt. This is expected to be the source of female ejaculation. The study is a major breakthrough for women because it shows:

  • She should be able to squirt
  • There is a gland
  • Squirting is not peeing

And this also puts the woman’s mind further at ease. Since she is not urinating in her man’s face, she’ll have less of a mental block against squirting.




How You Can Help Your Girl Out With Squirting

Can All Women Squirt

Half the battle is knowing that it’s possible for a girl to squirt. And the research linked above shows that it should be possible for women, assuming all women have the same gland tissue. Sex experts suggest that it is very possible for most women to squirt.

But how in the world do you make her squirt?

This is a question that most men can’t answer. In truth, vagina’s take a lot of effort to figure out. Even finding the G-Spot can be a hit or miss for most men.

Hit the G-Spot

If you want to make her squirt, you need to hit the G-Spot. The reason is that a lot, not all, women will squirt when the G-Spot is stimulated enough. And if you’re expecting gallons of water like you see in porn flicks, well this is not the case.

Stimulating the G-Spot will cause the Skene gland to begin production of the ejaculation fluid.

gspot squriting

Fluid levels may be as little as a tablespoon, or it can be several cups, depending on the woman. So, if she hasn’t turned on a fire hose on your face, don’t worry – she is still squirting.

Hitting the G-Spot can be done by:

  • Engaging in a lot of foreplay prior to attempting to hit the G-Spot.
  • Trying to find the G-Spot (it’s 1 – 3 inches inside of the vagina).
  • The G-Spot is located against the front wall of the vagina.
  • The G-Spot feels like a raisin.

If you don’t arouse a woman enough, the G-Spot will not be as pronounced, which will make it very difficult or impossible to find in some cases.



Try This Come Hither Technique

Come Hither Technique

First and foremost, don’t get stressed or try to put too much pressure on her to squirt. If you allow her to get nervous or unsure of squirting, she will never squirt. Intercourse is as much as a mental game as it is a physical one.

Start off with a lot of foreplay, and this can include a bit of oral, too. The goal is to get the g-spot stimulated.

Once she is wet, you’ll want to insert your finger into her vagina and move in the direction of her waist. Judge until you’re 2 – 3 inches into the vagina. Once you’re sure you’re far enough inside of the vagina, it’s time to play a game of Where’s Waldo.

  • Feel for a ridged area.
  • Feel an area that is different than the “wall.”

You’ve found the G-Spot if you find that raisin-like area. It kind of feels like the top of your mouth as a point of reference.

Now, push up and down on it lightly like you would during sex. You want to increase pressure here to really hit the spot. All you need to do is begin stimulating and practicing with different levels of pressure for some girls to squirt.

A few tips to make the experience easier are:

  • Make sure she is laying on her back.
  • Use lubrication to ensure she is very wet.
  • Insert the finger palm up.
  • Go to about your second knuckle before feeling around.
  • Find the G-Spot and use her moans as an indicator of when you find it.

And you may need to stimulate this area for 30+ minutes. Think of the motion you use with your middle finger to gesture someone to come to you. This is the same motion you’ll want to make with your middle finger that is inserted in her.

Note: Trim your nails. Women are very sensitive.

If you feel the G-Spot begin to swell, this means you’ve hit the right spot and are stimulating her G-Spot correctly. She will feel like she has to pee, but keep going until she can’t hold it anymore and let her let it go.

Her body will begin to quiver in pleasure, and she’ll be moaning.

Job well done. You’ve made her squirt.



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