Where To Buy HGH & How To Choose The Right Form

Remember what it felt like to be young?

Think back to your high school days when you were brimming with energy. You’d wake up each morning refreshed and ready for a new day.

Working out was easy. Whatever you were into—whether it was football, weight lifting, running, or any other sport—you got results. You had the endurance for long workout sessions, and you built muscle without even thinking about it.

You looked and felt like a god. And the ladies took notice.

When it came to performing in the bedroom, that too came as naturally as everything else.

Life was great—until it wasn’t.

You wake up these days feeling lethargic. You shuffle to the office, slog through a hard day’s work, and hit the gym.

You manage maybe half an hour—with lots of breaks—and head home feeling worse than ever.

You look in the mirror at flab. What happened to those muscles form your youth? What became of your vitality?

And let’s not even get started on your sex life—which consists of yourself and a pile of magazines.

Now … ask yourself this.

What is the difference between then and now?

You might answer, “Age. I got older. It happens.”

But what does that actually mean on a biochemical level?

As it turns out, it comes down to three little letters: HGH.


What is HGH?

HGH stands for “human growth hormone.” Sometimes you’ll see it as hGH, or simply GH, but it is the same thing. It also is sometimes referred to as “somatotropin.”

What HGH does is pretty clear from its name. Its role in your body is to stimulate cell reproduction and growth. This makes it an anabolic hormone.

Now, when you are young, you have more HGH acting on your system. This is what enables you to grow taller.

HGH also does the following:

  • Boosts the synthesis of protein and muscle mass
  • Helps your body to retain calcium
  • Helps with breaking down fats
  • Contributes to the development of the brain and other organs
  • Bolsters your immune system
  • Assists with glucose regulation
  • Promotes homeostasis
  • Regulates mood and promotes cognitive function


Think about that for a few moments.

No wonder you looked and felt so much better in your youth! You had all that HGH pumping through your system.

That HGH was why it was easy for you to control your weight and build muscle. Meanwhile, its regulatory effects helped you lead a healthy, balanced life.

Without it, you feel the effects which you previously attributed to “getting older.”

You struggle to burn fat. You work hard at the gym and still don’t put on muscle. Your energy levels suffer.

Who would have though that three little letters could mean so much?

Key Point:

When you are young, you are able to grow taller, build muscles, and burn fat effortlessly thanks in part to your body’s high production of human growth hormone (HGH). As you age, HGH production declines, which is why these things become harder.

Can You Buy HGH?

So now you’ve identified the culprit. You’re not the kind of person to just sit on your hands. So this raises the obvious question: Is there anything you can do about it?

Is there a way you can raise the levels of HGH in your body, and in doing so, recapture the vitality of your youth?

First things first, can you buy legit HGH?

The short answer is “yes.” There is HGH for sale. Now let’s get into the longer answer …

HGH vs. Supplements Which Stimulate Production

There are a couple of things you need to know about HGH supplements before you go shopping.

The first is that HGH comes in different forms.

The second is that some HGH products actually contain human growth hormone, while others simply stimulate your body’s production of it.

There is a huge difference between the two.


Key Point:

Some HGH supplements, sprays and so on contain actual human growth hormone. Others contain a blend of ingredients designed to help stimulate production of HGH in your body. These are very different products.

What to You Need To Know About Products Which Contain HGH

HGH Injections

If you are interested in taking supplements which contain real HGH, you have to deal with a combination of legal and safety concerns.

First of all, the distribution of off-label HGH for inappropriate purposes was banned by Congress under the Crime Control Act of 1990 along with anabolic steroids.

Indeed, for illegally distributing HGH or for possessing it with the intent to distribute it, you can serve up to 5 years in prison, and you can be fined.

As you might expect, that means that if you see a product for sale online which claims to contain HGH, there is a high chance it doesn’t.

That being said, there are products which contain real HGH for sale online.

Indeed, it is a booming industry. Does the government sometimes come down on these companies? Absolutely.

But quite often, they get away with selling their products, and make good money doing it for a time.

In short, there are opportunities to buy HGH without a prescription online—but you have to know where to look.  If you have ever heard of the dark web, this is probably your best bet.  But you better be informed about the risks.  If you or your ip address end up on those sites, good luck.   You will most likely need some legal representation in the near future.

You must also consider that you take the risk of getting a product which doesn’t contain what it says it does on the label.

Now, there are some safety issues you need to be thinking about as well.

Say you do manage to purchase HGH injections online. If you are taking a high dosage, but do not actually suffer from a clinically defined deficiency, you could be risking side effects.

These can include hypertension, joint pain, carpal tunnel, edema, and more.

Does everyone experience side effects? Not necessarily—but anytime you are going to mess with your hormones, you need to be aware of the risks.  It can lead to a lifetime of trying to balance your hormone profile which is not fun.

So if you do choose to take HGH directly, be cautious. Try moderate doses rather than high ones, and get a feel for how your system is responding.  Maybe try to get your product analyzed to verify it is what it claims to be before taking it.

Key Point:

It is important to be aware that HGH is a controlled substance. If you purchase products which contain HGH without a prescription, you will need to do your research to make sure 1-you are actually getting real HGH, and 2-that you are taking an amount for a duration which will not cause adverse side effects.

Is It Ever Appropriate to Take High Doses of HGH?

There are some people who have a medical deficiency of HGH. When this happens in children, it can result in delays with sexual development as well as a short height.

When adults exhibit an HGH deficiency, it can weaken the bones and leave a person susceptible to osteoporosis.

It can also lead to feeling lethargic, having a hard time building or maintaining muscle mass, and having a difficult time burning fat.

Individuals with clinically low HGH may also have a hard time regulating their moods, and may have lower cognitive function as well.

It is actually rare for adults to have clinically low levels of HGH but it does happen.

If you suspect that you do, there is a good chance you are wrong; there are plenty of other possible reasons you might be struggling with your weight, mood, and energy levels.

That being said, you can always ask your healthcare provider to run some tests.

If you are deficient, your doctor may prescribe you high doses of HGH.

Otherwise, you should probably play it safe and moderate your intake.

Key Point:

High doses of HGH are not generally recommended since they can cause side effects, but in cases of clinical deficiency, they may be prescribed. Clinical deficiency is rare in adults.

What is a safe alternative to HGH injections?

HGH Releasers:  What to You Need To Know About Products Which Stimulate HGH

While you are shopping for HGH, you will find that real human growth hormone for sale is not your only option. There is a whole other class of HGH supplements which contain no actual HGH at all, but which can potentially help you out just as much.  We refer to this class of supplements as HGH releasers.

These products contain a blend of ingredients designed to fill gaps in your nutrition. They stimulate your body’s own production of HGH.

There are a couple of great benefits to purchasing HGH-stimulating products:

  • Legally speaking, you are not in a gray area here. You are not purchasing a controlled substance. You are just buying a blend of nutrients which help your body to produce its own natural HGH.
  • Because these supplements work by stimulating your body’s own production of HGH, they are a gentler way to restore balance, and are less likely to have adverse side effects. They may also be safer for long-term use.

As always, quality can vary from one manufacturer to the next. So make sure you are shopping from a reputable brand which uses high-grade, pure ingredients.

Key Point:

Along with HGH supplements for sale which contain actual growth hormone, you will also find HGH supplements which do not contain HGH, but simply help your body produce its own.


Understanding The Different Forms of HGH

The next thing to know when shopping for HGH is that it comes in different forms including injections, sprays, and capsules.

HGH Injections

For those who are deficient in HGH, doctors prescribe HGH injections. In a hygienic, clinical setting under the care of a trained physician, HGH injections can be an effective treatment for a range of health conditions.

In fact, injections are recommended over oral supplements by doctors because it is difficult for our bodies to absorb HGH from a pill.

Off-label HGH injections do exist—so if you are shopping for HGH online, that is an option.

What are HGH injection risks? You already know about the possible side effects of getting too much HGH. Along with the obvious legal concerns, you also need to be concerned about the risk of infection if you are giving yourself an injection in a non-sterile setting.

HGH Sprays

HGH Spray GenF20 Plus

Along with injections, you will also find HGH sprays for sale. With this oral form of HGH, you simply spray under your tongue as directed on the bottle. This is an option for those who want to steer clear of injections and who have trouble swallowing pills.

Does HGH spray absorb better? It depends on who you ask.

HGH Pills

HGH PIlls for sale

Finally, you can purchase HGH supplement capsules in pill form. These are convenient because this is the form you are probably used to taking your supplements in. You are just adding one more capsule or pill to your regular supplement regimen. Remember, there are pills which contain actual HGH, as well as capsules which simply contain a blend of ingredients to naturally stimulate your HGH production.

Along with their convenience and familiarity, HGH pills have another benefit as well, and that is that you can control your dosage. That is something you cannot reliably do with a spray.

What is the Best Form of HGH?

So between injections, sprays, and pills, what is the best form of HGH? And should you take actual human growth hormone, or should you take HGH-stimulating blends?

Really, the “best” type of HGH depends on your personal needs. Here are a few pointers to help you make your decision:

  • Injections are easiest for your body to absorb, but they are safest if they are given in a sterile, clinical setting.
  • Some people believe HGH in sprays is easier to absorb than HGH in pills or capsules, but more research is needed.
  • With pills or capsules, you can control your dosage.
  • Taking a high dose of HGH or using HGH over a long time frame is not recommended unless prescribed by a doctor. Lower dose products are less likely to give you side effects.
  • HGH releasers and stimulating products are a gentler, more conservative option than those which contain HGH.

It is worth drawing attention to the phrase “more research is needed.” There are a lot of big claims out there about what HGH can do. Many of those claims are over-inflated.

That doesn’t mean that HGH won’t work for you, but it does mean you need to be realistic. Nothing can literally stop the clock or turn back the hands of time.

If you are low on HGH, though, it is possible that taking HGH could help to alleviate some of the symptoms which are making you feel your age.

Key Point:

If you are HGH deficient, you will probably need injections under a doctor’s guidance. If you are not clinically deficient, the best rule of thumb is to stick with HGH-stimulating products, and choose a form which you find convenient.


Where to Buy HGH?

Having read to this point, you now know that not all HGH supplements are equal. Safety, purity and potency are very important considerations when it comes to how to get HGH online. There is a lot of snake oil out there, and you do not want to get scammed.

We’ve scoured the web to try and hunt down the best HGH sources over our decade in the supplements game. We’ve run into a lot of hucksters, but there are a few quality sites and manufacturers which have impressed us.

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Can you ever be young again? Sadly, no—but you know that. But maybe with HGH, you can experience the next best thing: looking and feeling young again.

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