Hey Dude Shoes Review

It’s not easy to find shoes that offer both comfort and style, but Hey Dude, a relatively new brand, manages to do just that.

The brand, launched in 2008, was born in Italy with the goal of creating a lightweight, comfortable, stylish and affordable shoe.

Since their launch, the company has expanded to markets across Europe, the U.S., Eastern Asia and South America. They’ve partnered with Zappos and Buckle, and they’ve sold more than 5 million pairs worldwide.

When you want to look your best without sacrificing comfort, Hey Dude shoes are a great choice.

Hey Dude Shoes For Men Lineup

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Hey Dude shoes aren’t like other shoes. They look fashionable, but they’re designed to be the most comfortable pair of shoes that you own. They’re lightweight, too, with their shoes starting at just 5 ounces. That’s the same weight as a couple pairs of socks.

The Hey Dude Wally shoes are what launched the brand and made them so popular.

The Wally Sox has a lot going for it. It comes in almost a dozen different colors, so you can find one that matches your personality. But the shoe itself has some great features that your feet will appreciate.

The insole, which adds comfort and reduces sweating, is completely removable. The exterior of the shoe features “Sox” fabric, which is a knit fabric that offers comfort, style and breathability.

The sole of the shoe features the brand’s Flex & Fold technology, which allows for complete freedom of movement and supports healthy feet.

The shoe’s elastic laces flex with the foot to allow for a more uniform, natural and flexible fit.

Hey Dude Shoes Reviews

Hey Dude offers a variety of other shoes, too, including:

  • Wally Eco-Knit: For the environmentally conscious, there’s the Wally Eco-Knit, which has a similar design to the classic Wally, but is made from plastic left in the ocean. The exterior of the shoe and the laces are made from 100% recycled PET fibers, but they’re still soft and allow for maximum durability.
  • Wally Washed: The Washed line features all of the same features of the classic Wally, but the exterior is constructed with stone-washed canvas for a worn, relaxed look. The laces are also made with cotton fiber.
  • Wally Braided: These shoes have a real cork insole with coconut oil to reduce odors and moisture. The exterior is made with organic cotton and other ethically sourced materials. The braided, rope style laces allow for easy adjusting for the perfect fit.
  • Wally Suede: Features a luxurious exterior made with unlined suede.
  • Wally Sox Micro: Constructed with highly durable work-wear canvas for a sturdy but comfortable design.
  • Wally Free: Features a highly-breathable design. A poly mesh sole allows air to flow freely through the shoe, while the bi-component material used for the upper improves flexibility and ventilation. The outsole is also designed to allow air to flow in and out to keep feet cool and dry. There’s also an open air mesh lining on the sides of the shoe for maximum ventilation.
  • Wally Wool: Offers all of the same features found with the classic Wally, but has a wool fabric upper. Wool provides comfort and breathability while keeping your feet dry and regulating temperature.
  • Wally Woven: Features a woven upper and all of the same features found in the original Wally.
  • Wally Stretch: Features a stretch fabric upper for a more natural, flexible fit.
  • Wally Chalet: Features an organic cotton canvas upper with a faux fur lining and faux fur lined cocoa removable insole.
  • Wayne: A business casual, chukka-style shoe made with cotton canvas material. They’re easy to slip on with an ultra-light insole. The Wayne has two lacing options, memory foam insole and 4 eyelets lace up front.
  • Gordon: A leather design with stretchable sox material, these chukka-style boots have a mid-top leather heel and a bi-component upper. They have a memory foam insole, and they lace up front.
  • Chan: Hey Dude’s lightest slip-on shoe, these shoes have a form-fitting, slim design. But they still have the Flex & Fold outsole for lightweight comfort and durability.
  • Mistral: Water shoes with a quick-drying and stretchable sock upper. The shoe’s upper features Thermoplastic Polyurethane wrap-around support and a slingshot heel wrap for a natural, comfortable fit. There’s a poly mesh insole that allows air to flow freely while keeping out dirt and grime. The air mesh lining is durable and soft, but also allows for quick drying. The ultra-light outsole features rubber gripping as well as water drainage ports for quick drying.
  • Axel: Offers a similar design to the Mistral, but has a sealed bottom sole for added support. These shoes also have a leather topped insole made from EVA and rubber, which makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds.
  • Levante: A unisex shoe featuring a knitted upper that’s both fitted and flexible. This shoe also comes in Eco-Knit, which is made with PET fibers from plastic bottles.
  • Conrad: A chukka-style design that offers ankle support. These shoes have two lacing options, memory foam insole and a cotton canvas upper.
  • Ezra: A sneaker-style shoe with a thick sole for maximum comfort. These shoes have a lightweight canvas upper with five eyelets and an anatomical leather lined insole made with memory foam.
  • Renova B Stretch Shoe: Only available at The Buckle, this lace-up shoe has a leather insole with a cotton blend upper.

Hey Dude shoes are the ultimate in comfort and style, and they’re great for business casual work settings.

They make a perfect gift for the holidays – or to treat yourself.

Where to Buy Hey Dude Shoes

Where can you buy Hey Dude shoes? You’ll find some retailers offering these shoes, but the best way to make sure that you’re getting a genuine pair is to order directly from the manufacturer.

We got our first pair from their Amazon.com store. You can order yours from Amazon too. Please note our site is part of the Amazon Associates Program and make a small percentage of sales linked from our site. This is at no additional cost to you and does not impact our endorsement of Hey Dude Shoes.