The Only Timepiece You’ll Ever Need – The Eone Bradley Watch

A man’s watch does more than just tell him the time; it embodies his personal style. The Eone watch’s unique design and style will make an impression, but this timepiece has an extra feature that makes it accessible to everyone: it can be used by those who are blind.

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About Eone

Eone was founded by Hyungsoo Kim, who was a graduate student at MIT when he noticed that his classmate and friend was too embarrassed to ask his talking watch the time. He didn’t want to interrupt the lecture, so he whispered to his friend to find out the time.

Kim collaborated with designers and individuals with vision impairments to create a watch that everyone in the world can use whether they’re sighted or blind.

The Bradley watch is the first line developed by Eone. Each Bradley model features a sleek, minimalistic design that pairs well with anything. Whether you’re going out on the town or a formal affair, the Bradley blends well.

Eone’s Bradley started out as a Kickstarter campaign. The watch received 3,861 backers that pledged $594,602 to the project.

How Does the Eone Watch Work?

Eone Bradley
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The Eone Bradley watch’s sleek design makes it easy to tell the time by touch or by sight. The watch face’s topography has contours toward each marker in alternating raised and lower impressions.

There are a few different models of the Bradley: Graphite Compass, Classic Canvas and Element.

The Element is unique in that it has raised and beveled hour markers that allow users to feel the time. There are elongated line segments for three, six, nine and twelve, and there are shorter line segments for other markers.

All models have two magnetized ball bearings that travel around the watch face in two recessed tracks: one track for the minute, and one track along the edge for the hour.

The two ball bearings are connected with magnets to a watch movement underneath the watch face. The magnets ensure that even if the ball bearings are moved when touched, they will spring right back into the appropriate position with a shake of the wrist. The Bradley runs on Swiss Quartz movement.

The body of the Bradley is made of titanium, which is sleek, durable and easy to keep clean. The watch band is available in stainless steel mesh and in fabric and leather. The fabric and leather options come in three colors: olive green, mustard yellow and silver blue.

The watch features a minimalistic, modern design that works well for both formal and casual affairs. The Bradley can withstand brief contact with water, like washing your hands or if you get caught in the rain. But it is not designed to be submerged in water or worn during high-intensity sports.

Technical Specs

  • Wrist size: 6-1/4-8-1/2; 20 mm width
  • Dimensions: 40 mm diameter; 11.5 mm thickness
  • Black PVD Coating (Element only)

How Do You Read Eone Watch?

how does the eone watch work
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Unlike with a conventional watch, the Bradley uses two ball bearings to indicate the time. As mentioned previously, one ball bearing indicates the minute, while the other ball bearing – along the edge of the watch face – indicates the hour.

Simply touch each ball bearing to find out the hour and the minute.

Setting the Time on the Bradley Watch

Adjusting the time of a Bradley watch is just like setting the time on any other watch.

  • Pull the crown out.
  • Rotate the crown counterclockwise. This will move the ball bearings clockwise. Do not turn the crown clockwise, as this can damage the watch movement.
  • To set the time, just push the crown back in toward the watch face.

Changing the Battery

The Bradley watch is equipped with a Renata 371 button cell battery, which has a lifespan of about two years. While it is possible to change the battery yourself, Eone recommends taking the watch to a repair shop to reduce the risk of scuffing and scratching the back plate.

Cleaning the Watch

The Bradley’s watch body is made of titanium, which is easy to maintain and clean. The body can be cleaned using a simple clean, dry cloth. The cloth will remove debris from the surface of the watch and the recessed tracks. A small dab of rubbing alcohol can also be used to keep the watch body looking as good as new.

The stainless-steel mesh strap can also be cleaned using a clean, damp cloth to remove grime. Leather straps can be cleaned using just a clean, damp cloth (only water).

Where to Buy the Eone Bradley

The Eone Bradley watch can be purchased on Amazon, which offers free and quick shipping (2-day shipping for Prime members).

The Element, Classic Canvas and Bradley Graphite Compass models are all available on Amazon. While the prices are on par with the manufacturer, you get free shipping, which ultimately makes the watch cheaper through Amazon.