is cbd legal

Is Buying CBD Oil Legal?

Now that you know why CBD oil is amazing, you might be thinking about buying it.  But wait … is CBD oil even legal?

Well … it’s hard to say.  But that shouldn’t discourage you.  CBD oil isn’t illegal­—it just exists in a fuzzy area of the law (update this has now changed with the approval of the 2018 Farm Bill).

Some producers claim that CBD oil is completely legal in every state of the US.  This is true to a point.  The federal government is okay with CBD oil so long as it comes from the stem, seed, or root of the hemp plant, but unfortunately, they are not cool with it coming from the leaves.  That is however where the most potent concentrations of CBD are located.

Different states have their own restrictions.  Some disapprove of CBD oil while others do not seem to care if it conforms to federal laws.

Then there is the matter of “hemp oil” vs. “CBD oil.”  Curiously enough, hemp oil has been legal for a really long time, but the two are not considered to be the same from a legal standpoint.

Worse, it can be impossible to know whether you are purchasing one or the other.  Hemp oil may be sold as CBD oil and vice versa.

If you are worried, you should look up the laws in your state.  Many states are open-minded about CBD oil and are unlikely to come down on you if you buy it (especially those that allow marijuana use).  Others may be more stringent.  Thankfully, views (and laws) seem to be swiftly changing in favor of embracing cannabis.