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Did you know that 85% of men will have significantly thinner hair by the time they hit 50? Two-thirds of men will have some degree of hair loss by the time they hit 35.

If you’re losing your hair, you’re not alone. And you do have solutions that don’t involve pouring chemicals on your head or wearing hair toppers.

Assure Hair Fiber says it will give you thicker hair instantly. We’ve read plenty of so so reviews about this product. Is this really ready to take on Toppik as the best hair building fiber product? Let’s find out.

What is Hair Fiber?

what are hair fibers?

Hair fiber is exactly what it sounds like: natural fibers that help make your hair look thicker and fuller. Assure’s product uses finely-textured fibers, which come in a powder form, that bind to your existing hair. The binding action creates a layer of “hair” that sits just above your scalp.

How does the fiber bind to your hair?

The natural plant fiber carries a negative charge. The negative charge creates a magnetic reaction to your hair strands, which have a positive charge. As a result, the product sticks to your hair.

Hair looks instantly reinvigorated – bolder and thicker than before you started losing your hair.

before and after hair fiber results

Assure is faster, safer and more effective than other drugs and procedures on the market today. And it’s the only professional-grade hair fiber product available.

Forget having to go through expensive and potentially dangerous surgery just to get some hair growth. And forget having to slather chemicals on your head in hopes that your hair will regrow.

With Assure, the results are immediate – there’s no need to wait for products to spur hair growth. Think of hair fibers as individual hair extensions, applied where you want, to hide your thinning hair in a natural way.

Assure Hair is undetectable and made from cotton hair fiber. And unlike paints and creams, Assure’s fibers stay on your head until you wash it out. This is a different kind of hair loss concealer, and it looks more natural than most other options out there.

Assure Hair FAQ:

  • Will not smear or rub off. There’s no need to worry about it staining your skin or your clothes.
  • Gives you instant results. You can enjoy thicker, fuller hair tonight.
  • Uses natural ingredients from plants.
  • Is safe for all skin and hair types.
  • Stays on your head all day until you wash it out.
  • Can be used on part lines or to touch up roots between hair colorings.

Assure Hair Ingredients

Hair Fiber Ingredients

Assure Hair is formulated with natural plant fibers and contains non-toxic ingredients. The patented and professional-grade formula is safe, fast and effective.

The product’s formula contains the following ingredients:

  • Sodium Sulphate
  • Cellulose
  • Ammonium Choloride
  • Alluminate Silicate

Assure’s natural cotton hair fibers are resistant to:

  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Perspiration

The fibers won’t fall out on your pillow. In fact, they’ll stay in your hair until you wash it. Its ability to cling and stay on your hair is part of the reason why Assure is the best hair fiber product on the market.

assure hair

On top of making your hair look instantly thicker and fuller, the ingredients in this product will also increase the bulk, length and volume of your hair with continued use.

How to Use Assure Hair Fibers

Assure fibers are easy to use. You’re just four steps away from fuller, thicker hair.

  • Step 1: Clean, dry and style your hair as usual.
  • Step 2: Apply the bald spot spray concealer onto the thinning areas of your scalp.
  • Step 3: Pat the hair gently to disperse the hair filler fibers.
  • Step 4: Lightly comb the hair if desired.

how to apply hair fiber


If you don’t need to restyle your hair, you can be ready to go in three steps.

Assure cannot be applied to wet or damp hair. You can use a blow dryer with this product. In fact, the manufacturer says the heat from the dryer makes the product bind more tightly to the hair.

You can use hairspray and other hair styling products, too. With Assure, you don’t have to disrupt your normal hair routine or style. Just sprinkle, pat and go.

What Colors Does Assure Hair Fibers Come In?

Worried that the fibers won’t match your natural hair color? Don’t be.

Assure Hair comes in four colors:

  • Dark blonde
  • Black
  • Medium brown
  • Dark brown

Does it Work for Long and Short Hair?

hair fiber results

Yes. Assure Hair can be used on both long and short hair. Just remember that the product is applied to the roots of the hair. Longer hair will look thinner than shorter hair.

If you have fine or thinning hair, Assure Hair fibers will work for you. But this product cannot be used on completely bald spots.

Assure Hair fibers work by clinging to your existing hair, making each strand look thicker and fuller. Without any natural hair to cling to, the product can’t work properly.

Do you need to have a lot of hair? No. The product will still work even if you just have very fine, little hairs left on your scalp.

Will You See Results?

assure hair fiber review

If you have any hair left on your head, Assure Hair fibers will give you the thicker head of hair you desire. There are zero side effects, and you’ll see immediate results.

Assure Hair is the only hair fiber building system on the planet that is made with 100% natural fiber.

Where Can I Buy Hair Fibers?

best hair filler fibers

Ready to have fuller, thicker hair in seconds?

While we clearly are impressed by the potential of hair fibers, the fact remains that Assure’s product is not the top of the line product in this industry.  Toppik remains the clear #1 choice on the only hair fiber product that we recommend.


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