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Our site was started in earnest after working at gym for several years and meeting a visiting group of pioneers that were launching a new line of performance based supplements. I was lucky enough to be involved in their trials (early creatine / aa2 blend) and the results were stunning.

That was back in the early 2000’s and started me on a life path of supplement use.

Fast forward a decade and my experience in the fitness industry and with supplement trials reached a critical mass.

We launched our site in 2013 to humble beginnings to begin providing feedback on free trial products. From there we have grown beyond our wildest expectations and hope to continue providing our visitors with exclusive trial offers and discounts. We also hope to shed light on what products to avoid and those that truly make a difference.

We have many contributors to the site, as I cannot try every product myself, but everything runs through me.

If you have any product suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact me here or you can reach me directly at adam@otcmaleenhancement.com.


Adam H - OtcMaleEnhancement.com

Thanks for your support.

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